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Topic Thumbnail changed by unkown

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Two topics thumpnail got changed without contact or notice to topic beginner - me.

How is this possible? It would have been nice, when the person would had talked to me before changing or

would explain it to me. Just for kindness and for the future.



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Topic creators do not own the topics, BZ staff can edit topics if necessary at any time.

Thumbnails for profiles/topics must comply with terms of service of Bellazon.

Those thumbnails must be squared, fairly recent and show the person in question shoulder upwards, ideally frontal or slight profile.


If a thumbnail got changed from one of the topics you started, it probably was for one or more of the

above mentioned reasons/rules.


Staff member @Clauds usually updates and corrects outdated/incorrect thumbnails.

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1 hour ago, Charlie's Alter Ego said:

... and show the person in question shoulder upwards, ideally frontal or slight profile.


Hi - thank you for explanation!


If I had known this "shoulder upwards" I would have choosen a suitable thumpnail. So - may I change the thumpnail again - and following your named preconditions - nobody and no rules would be offended, right?

Maybe a little pop-up-info at "new topic"-screen would avoid failures or maybe I am the only unaware.


I am not sure whether you are the proper contact, but first point of BZ FAQ "How do I post an image?" is completely outdated.


Kind regards

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I was the one who changed the thumbnails indeed, most likely because they didn't fit in with the same style we use for thumbnails as Charlie pointed out:) As for posting images, we highly encourage members to use BZ's own server as third party hosts are very unrealiable

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In general, the FAQ is from 2005, guess we need to update it lol. However, this came to be because a while ago imbox and two other hosts were going to shut down and we'd lose a lot of content, also we can't control their ads/safety so we rather have everything hosted here.

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