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Jason Isaacs


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Jason Isaacs was born 6 June 1963, in Liverpool, England, and is one of four brothers. "We moved to London in the mid-70s when I was 11, and I didn't want people teasing me for my voice," he says. "I had that Liverpool accent, and kids hate to stand out, so almost immediately I developed a thick Cockney accent. It was probably the first sign of acting ability I ever displayed."

Isaacs discovered his love of acting at university, where he directed and acted in more than 20 plays in Bristol and each summer at the Edinburgh Festival. "I did a three-year law degree (at Bristol University) but all the time I was constantly off somewhere in a room screaming and shouting and taking my clothes off," he reveals. "It was where I found my friends and found my feet, and my girlfriends as well. I just got totally addicted to it. People say, 'Well, why did you stop doing law?' Well, do you know any lawyers? [This is] a lot more fun."

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So, I can't believe that there is no Jason Isaacs thread! He's so gorgeous, and so very talented. If any of you have seen his villains...you'll probably not forget him any time soon!


Here is one of his famous Villains. Colonol Tavington from "The Patriot":


Captain Hook from "Peter Pan":


And Captain Hook's alter ego, the adorable Mr. Darling:


And the oh so evil Lucius Malfoy:


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I thought I was the only woman who loved him. :heart:

Ever since 'The Patriot' came out, JI is one my favorite actors and secret crushes. I know, he's not conventinally good-looking but he gives me butterflies. The only blue eyes to rival his are Daniel Craig's.

I've actually made Tavy(what I call Colonol Tavington :D) icons.

post-3451-0-1446057703-97229_thumb.png post-3451-0-1446057706-41233_thumb.png post-3451-0-1446057706-96331_thumb.png

post-3451-0-1446057707-44752_thumb.png post-3451-0-1446057707-91836_thumb.png post-3451-0-1446057708-51684_thumb.png

post-3451-0-1446057708-91022_thumb.png post-3451-0-1446057709-58944_thumb.png

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