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Edward Speleers


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Edward Speleers (born December 21, 1987 ) is an English actor. His debut role will be in Eragon, an adaptation of Christopher Paolini's fantasy novel, which also stars Jeremy Irons, Djimon Hounsou, John Malkovich and Robert Carlyle.

Speleers was born in Chichester, England. He was in public school at Eastbourne College in East Sussex and Dorset House School in West Sussex with no acting experience beyond amateur school productions. Despite this, he beat out 180,000 hopefuls to land the title role of the multi-million pound screen version of Eragon. Speleers is also an accomplished football, rugby, and saxophone player.



OMG, HE IS SO HOTT :drool: :drool:

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He is currently doing a project called Echo Beach and here are some pictures I found on the fansite


He is the only actor I would really like to meet, maybe because he is from England and my sisters lives there...that makes everything closer...but he got that something for me and he has an aura like an old hollywood star...very elegant

1_7E2.jpg edecho.jpg edecho2.jpg 4_7E0.jpg 16.jpg dreamupcarte_7E0.jpg Ed_Speleers_erwerbungsfoto.jpg eddie.jpg eddreampup2.jpg eddreamup.jpg french.jpg russian.jpg sugarmag.jpg
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Ed Speleers Secures 'Downton Abbey' Role

3/22/2012 by Stuart Kemp

LONDON – Ed Speleers will be polishing up his shoes and accent for a role in the upcoming season of Downton Abbey, created by Oscar winner Julian Fellowes.

Speleers will play a footman in the latest series of the drama due to air later this year on commercial web ITV in the U.K.

Speleers follows Cara Theobold andLucille Sharp into the long corridors of Downton, alongside Matt Milne andShirley MacLaine for the upcoming series.

Speleers is in horror comedy Love Bite and previously featured in Echo Beachfollowing his turn in Eragon.

He is repped by Sally Long-Innes at Independent Talent and his manager is Matthew Hobbs at Firefly.

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