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Kellan Lutz


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Born and raised Dickinson, North Dakota, there wasn't much to do in the city besides playing games at the local arcade, going to the bowling alley, hunting, or sledding in the snow. Although Kellan had a simple upbringing, he learned to live everyday to the fullest, and has done far more with his 21 years than most people do in a lifetime! He lives by the saying..." try new things, you only live once..." From sky diving to parasailing, from motor cross to white water rafting, Kellan insists on living life like an adventure.

After moving to the state of Arizona when he was just 14, he discovered that he had a wild curiosity about life. This has led him on a search for knowledge in everything he puts his hands and mind to. In high school, Kellan had the unique opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic for a semester, to study its culture and the Spanish language. This gave him a grounded outlook on life and the struggles that face many cultures outside America. Other high school memories include winning the Arizona Youth Billiard Championship.

Kellan's family were not very supportive in his decision to become an actor after graduating from high school, instead of going to college, where he was considering becoming a chemical engineer. However, their fears were alleviated as he has worked virtually nonstop since arriving in Los Angeles. The past year's highlights include landing several high profile modeling campaigns, including the coveted job as the cover-boy of "Abercrombie & Fitch's Summer Catalogue 2004." He can also be seen in the Levi's Jean ads.

He has shot a string of independent films where he has learned to hone his craft, and develop multiple characters of his own. He also participated in local theater. Kellan's first television opportunity was for CBS, the recurring role of "Rob" on "The Bold an the Beautiful." This past summer Kellan shot the lead in an MTV pilot, as well as six episodes of the PAX tv show, "Model Citizens." Lutz then went on to shoot an episode of the new hit series, "CSI: New York," "Six Feet Under," and a recurring role on "Summerland."

Although his dreams are coming true, Kellan still hasn't quenched his desire to learn and create. This past year he has also patented two inventions and is waiting for the prototype to be created.

Kellan is the middle child of six brothers and one sister, but this doesn't bother him because as he puts it, "I'm the tallest kid in the family!" And he never lets his siblings forget it...

From HBO slightly edited.

bio from http://kellanlutz.net




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