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Megan Ewing


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Ahhhh what happened?

Website's gone, ppl have disappeared...

Is Megan just wanting to lead a completely normal life and everything shut down coz there won't be any news from her in the future?

I miss you guys!

Hope everyone's well, wherever they are! :heart:

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Hey, i am looking to sell some of my Megan Ewing stuff on Ebay & I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in buying it. I'm wondering if it is worth my time to even list her stuff. If you would be interested in any of the stuff i've posted here, please PM me & I will let you know when i put this stuff up for sale on Ebay.

Thanks! :wave:

Guess? Journal Fall 2001


(Click to enlarge)

img0693cn0.th.jpg img0692cn2.th.jpg img0691dh5.th.jpg img0695fh1.th.jpg

Note: There are 25-pages, of Megan, in this journal, with Megan also on the cover.

Guess? Journal Fall 2002


(Click to enlarge)

img0698fx5.th.jpg img0700zt3.th.jpg img0701sk9.th.jpg img0703ox2.th.jpg

img0704tx4.th.jpg img0707tc8.th.jpg img0709ap1.th.jpg

Note: There are 29-pages of Megan in this journal.

Gear September 2001


(Click to enlarge)


Note: There are 5-pages of Megan in this magazine, plus 1 picture of her on the cover.

Italian Elle Luglio 2001


(Click to enlarge)

img0149dc9.th.jpg img0147dc6.th.jpg img0150my0.th.jpg img0160rh9.th.jpg

Note: Megan is on the cover as well as in a 10-page editorial inside, plus an additional page with a candid of Megan.

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Yeah it is a shame how with that beauty and talent she left everything , everything she's worked for and where she got , she just stopped... She was the first model that catched my eye and for what she's done i still love her .

I understand due motherhood , but still there are so many models that got pregnant but still worked ... Natalia , Isabeli , now Bianca , and they continued and didn't quit , imagine with what she's done how far she got and after so many years people still remember her name... Imagine if she actually continued working just how big she would've got... She wouldn've had like Ana B.B. status she could've continued work for VS and with guess on her resume she would've probably worked for every big brand there is... Like Ana.

Ah well it's over but i was just thinking , that's all.

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