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Esti Ginzburg


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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginzburg attends the IMG Girls of Sports Illustrated 2009 celebration at RDV on February 9, 2009 in New York City.

She's back to her darker hair, I guess, huh? And, it looks like it has grown a lot (Y)

Her b/f? :yuckky: I little tough on the eyes, ewwwwww


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I am so glad Esti didn't cut her hair, since it is my inspiration to grow my hair out long like that, I thought when I saw those pics with it short that maybe she had it pinned, glad thats the case since the what so many people love about her

Anyway, I think Esti looks amazing in her SI shoot, Yes she has a baby face but there is nonthing child-like about her body, and I think that combination of a sweet, angelic face with a curvy sexy body is the best type IMO, lots of guys seem to like that.

As a matter of fact, I asked my brother and two of his friends about some of the SI girls and they all thought Bar was hot and they Lovvvved her body, who doesn't :laugh: , But they went crazy over Esti and said she she was much more beautiful than Bar but with an equally hot body. She was thier favorite, except for my brother, who is sticking with Bar, but he liked Esti too. These are just 3 teenage boys opinions though, so I don't know what everyone else thinks

I think she looks like a sexy doll :evil:

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Yeah, I like that 1st cover pic, I can't get over how beautiful her hair is :heart:

Also Esti was named rookie of the year over at SI


I've been on other blogs and forums just to see what other people think of the SI models after some people here thought Esti looks to young, which is totally understandable, but from what Ive seen guys really like Esti, Bar, and Brooklyn :ninja: the best, so I think she fits in fine with the other girls

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^ as do alot of the pics this year :whistle: I like Bar and am glad she got the cover but I can't understand who on earth chose that particular shot :blink: I can pick out at least 10 or more better "shots" inside the mag. It definitely will not be an iconic cover in years to come :/

oh yeah I can see why guys are lovin some Esti, blonde,young,hot what's not to love? :p

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