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John Krasinski


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John Burke Krasinski was born on October 20th, 1979, in Newton Pennsylvania, to a Boston internist and a nurse. John is the youngest of two brothers, Kevin and Paul. John's first foray into acting came at his Newton South High School, in a comedy play written by B.J Novak, who, coincidently, would later become his co-star on the Office. John graduated high school in 1997.

He later attended Brown College, where he graduated in 2002, with an A.B. in Literatures in English and as an honors playwright. Upon graduation, John made sporadic appearances in major motion pictures, such as Duane Hopwood, with David Schwimmer, Kinsey, with Liam Neeson, and Jarhead, with Jake Gyllenhaal.

In 2004, John was cast in the NBC pilot for the Office, an American adaptation for the classic British series of the same name. The show premiered in March 2005 initially got off to a rocky start, receiving unflattering comparisons to original, and not meeting well-ratings.

But in it's second season, it was placed on the NBC 2005-2006 fall schedule, it started to grow in popularity, meeting better ratings, and acceptance from audiences and critics combined. In fact, many critics went back on their words and praised the show. But most of all, John was widely applauded for his performace, and he even recieved Emmy buzz at the end of the second season. (He didn't get nominated that year)

John is currently rumored to be dating Rashida Jones, daughter of composer and record-producer Quincy Jones.

Source: http://j-krasinski.net/bio.php


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