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Candice Swanepoel

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Guest sweet seduction

Candice Swanepoel

Supermodel Candice gets wings

Candice Swanepoel of Ice Models has become the first South African to be chosen as a Victoria's Secret "Angel".

She joined international models Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, Miranda Kerr, Izabel Goulart and Selita Banks at Victoria's Secret's annual fashion extravaganza at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on 15 November.

Every year the world's most beautiful models get to show off Victoria's Secret's sexy lingerie and to wear giant angel wings, a Victoria's Secret fashion trademark.

Previous "Angels" include Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Helena Christensen and Daniela Pestova.

News24 spoke to Candice in New York,where she is now based, about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

1) How does it feel to be the first South African model to be chosen as a Victoria's Secret "Angel"?

It feels great. I'm so happy and honoured to be the first South African Angel. Hopefully I won't be the last.

2) How did you get the job? Did you have to audition for it, or did someone nominate you?

I went to the casting. It was a request casting, which means they ask to see you. I was in Paris at the time and flew back to New York for it. But they choose girls they have been watching for a while.

3) Please tell us more about the exciting event - it must have been a spectacular fashion show with all the music stars, celebrities and other supermodels?

The whole experience was one I'll never forget! It's amazing being in a room full of extremely talented and respected people. To be included, is wonderful.

The angels flew on the Victoria's Secret private jet on the Monday and we spent the week in Los Angeles doing fittings and rehearsals.

We also got awarded a star on the Hollywood Boulevard, which was an experience on its own.

The show was on the Thursday. There are no words to explain how amazing the show was. There was so much work put into it. People started building the set for months before and the designing and fitting of the outfits also took a lot of time.

Most of the girls had an agent or booker with them. There was so much to do: hair and makeup, interviews, backstage photographers, camera crews, producers, dressers and the list goes on and on...

The energy backstage was awesome! And when we finally got out on the runway it all came together, the sexiest, most viewed show in the world.

4) Did you rehearse many hours to prepare for the big show?

No, on the Wednesday before the show, we went over each scene, but all we basically had to do, was make sure the shoes fit.

5) What was it like to work with the other supermodels, have you already known some of them before the show?

It's always nice to work amongst the top girls. I do know a lot of the girls. We all live similar lives, so it's natural to stick together.

A few of my closest girl friends were in the show, so it was great fun.

6) Which of the celebrities and stars did you meet at the show? Is there anyone specific that made an impression on you?

All the older angels, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum etc were obviously an inspiration to me. Seal is another person who stood out. He is a very humble person.

7) Would you say this has been a highlight in your modelling career so far?

Of course! It's what every model aspires to do, and dreams to one day be a part of. I'm so glad to have been a part of it at such a young age and early in my career. It only gets better.

8) What does being a Victoria's Secret "Angel" mean for your future career?

Being one of the angels is one of the few jobs that can totally change someone's life. For example, clients and designers who would have never given you a second look, now sit up and take notice.

Victoria's Secret is one of the most competitively difficult jobs to get. There are thousands of beautiful models out there, and they all want it.

9) What big projects will you work on next?

I'm flying next week to Los Angeles again to shoot the Guess swimwear campaign. And after that I'm taking some time off before a big 2008.

10) How did you become a model in the first place?

I was discovered in Durban when I was 16, by Kevin Ellis. I then joined Ice Models in Durban and soon after that I started travelling.

11) What advice would you give to young South Africans who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Never be afraid to be what you want to be. Always be positive and confident in yourself.

And, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice for what you want. Nothing in life comes easy.

12) Who are your favourite fashion designers and why?

My favourite designers are, Chloe, DG, Christian Louboutin (amazing shoes) and Marc Jacobs (hand bags).

I change my style from day to day, so I have many favourites.

13) Apart from modelling, what are your other interests and talents?

The normal things: I love shopping, dancing, being around friends and, the beach. I'm always trying to learn something new as I travel, to use my opportunities, and to grow as a person.

14) What has been your most favourite/exciting destination for a modelling job so far?

I'd have to say the Seychelles, because I adore being in tropical places. However, Paris and Milan are also special to me. Every city has something special that attracts me.

15) What do you do to stay in shape and keep your good looks?

Good genetics are a start, but I have to go to the gym, look after my skin, and drink lots of water. It's my job to take care of myself and my body. Happiness plays a big part in your appearance too.

Source: The Fashion Spot Forums

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Layla90    0

Bella thanks for these Vogue pics! My favourite are 3rd and 5th ones.

I like Candice as brunette.

ANd what's the thing with new VS angels..... I'm confused, cause I don't know how many angels are going to be this year :wacko:

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Julia    0

MaC4Randa&Rosie and foreverdoutzen are right, i just ask my friend (who has some friends who know things :confuse:) she is not the new angel.

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Bella thanks for these Vogue pics! My favourite are 3rd and 5th ones.

I like Candice as brunette.

ANd what's the thing with new VS angels..... I'm confused, cause I don't know how many angels are going to be this year :wacko:

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* Alessandra Ambrosio - (2004 - present)

* Selita Ebanks (2005 - present)

* Izabel Goulart - (2005 - present)

* Miranda Kerr - (2007 - present)

* Heidi Klum - (1999 - present)

* Karolina Kurkova - (2001 - present)

* Adriana Lima - (1999 - present)

* Marisa Miller - (2007 - present)

those r the current angels heidi hasnt retired yet so untill she does no spots available for new angels

Marisa and Miranda r the newest angels to replace gisele and tyra

the clear thing about that article that proves candice is not an angel is that angels dont go to castings to be chosen as a vs angel

they r vs models who have been picked to be the face and spokes person for vs also candice was only contracted for the vs show she is not under contract with vs she has done none of the latest catalog work and does not appear in any vs ads or on the their site she was a once off just for the show she may be in next years show but that depends on if they hire again which i hope they do

i believe the next vs angel who will replace heidi will be rosie cos she does the shows and appears in the vs catalogs and is under contract with them + she is big in the UK which would help present vs to the british market better if they had a british angel but thats just my hope and opinion haha

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