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Chad White


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International model stars in The Helm’s ad campaign


"EDMONTON - Last Monday, top model Chad White boarded a plane from New York City to Edmonton, planning to put his chiselled good looks to work for locally owned, high-end menswear boutique, The Helm Clothing.

White, who has walked runways and modelled for Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Hugo Boss, will star in the 104th Street shop’s next two campaigns; his striking jawline and unparalleled smize (that’s Tyra Banks speak for “smiling with your eyes”) to appear in The Helm’s print ads and digital billboards over the next year.

Discovered in his hometown of Portland, Ore. in 2005, White was originally set for a career in baseball, drafted to the major leagues while still in college. A hand injury kiboshed his professional sports career before it started, and White was signed by Mode Models International, an agency that represents mega models such as Meghan Collison and Heather Marks.

White has enjoyed a decade-long career, renowned as one of the best bodies in the biz, a reputation reinforced by a revered “abdominal V” (coveted lower ab lines that point to the groin) that would inspire envy in Adonis. But that’s not the only reason the model lands recurring jobs with fashion houses and magazines such as GQ, Maxim Italia and Vogue Hommes International.

“Chad White is not only the best body in the industry, but one of the most humble, sweetest guys you’ll ever meet,” says Michael Meneghetti, agency director of Mode Models Edmonton who orchestrated White’s booking for The Helm. “Personality takes you a long way in this industry.”

Due to cost restrictions and what can sometimes be an intimidating or foreign process to business owners, it’s rare a model with White’s experience is booked for a small, local campaign — if ever. Chad Helm, Co-Founder of The Helm Clothing and a former model himself who was once based in Milan, believes there is an advantage to investing in top talent.

“We like working with guys who have been in the industry for a while. We see the usefulness of dealing with professionals like Chad White. We are able to get more material, and get what we need in a shorter period of time. Also, we believe Edmonton deserves better. Why not bring in the best?”

The Journal spoke with Chad White before his arrival in Edmonton.

Q: So you’re coming to Edmonton; have you been here before?

A: I’ve never been. I’m very excited though. I love my friends who are from Edmonton, such amazing people. I played baseball with a few guys from Edmonton too … hopefully I’ll get to catch up and see them.

Q: What do you enjoy more as a model, runway or shoots?

A: This is tough. I love the energy of walking out in front of a thousand people down a runway, but it’s so quickly over. Shoots can last for so long — making a photo is art. I like to work together as a team, the model, the photographer, the stylist, the producer and makeup artist all on the same page for something can make incredible things happen. It’s exciting to see everything come from an idea to the screen. I think shooting campaigns is my favourite. All the pressure, and knowing the client is spending a lot of money, makes me want to perform. I like the pressure.

Q: What’s the biggest misconception about models?

A: Everybody that’s not in the business think models just stare at themselves in the mirror, have huge egos, are jerks and naturally are just in shape. In fact most of these guys, like me, train their asses off. We train so hard day in day out to stay in shape. The discipline most of the guys have is admirable, and everybody is actually really polite and nice.

Q: How do you think the industry is different for male models versus female models?

A: This is easy. We are women’s props when it comes down to it. This industry is women driven. We take the back seat. These girls sell clothes, magazines and everything else 100 times more than we can. Sex sells. The girls own it. Q: Best part about modelling?

A: Working with the most talented minds in the world … fashion is so eccentric. I love all the different people … a melting pot of people from all around the world making art.

Q: Worst part about modelling?

A: Easy … not seeing my family enough."

© Copyright © The Edmonton Journal

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Tarrice Love talks about hsi experience shooting with Chad :)

"Thursday, December 15, 2011

I AM CHAD WHITE @ Soul Artist Mgmt.


One day I was chatting with my best friend on the phone and she was going on and on about the universe and if I want something I should put it out into the universe and I will get it. so I decided to compile a list of people i want to work with one day and i did so on facebook (see dream list). I also tagged the people and their agents to the list. After that Jason Kanner from Soul Artist management saw the list and offered to send as many of their models on the list. The first person he sent was supermodel Chad White.

I was so nervous. What do you do with a model who has photographed with all the greats?

so i decided to customize something just for him. I googled him and I saw a runway image of him in the D-Squared show dressed in a white motorcycle jumper and ran out and got the closest thing I could afford which was a white painter's jumper from Home Depot. The whole time I was planning his shoot I was thinking "wow, i caint believe i'm finna shoot Chad White."

Many of you may recognize his face from major campaigns like Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss and magazine covers and editorials shot by amazing photographers like Steven Klein, Steven Miesel, and Francois Rousseau

When he arrived, he was on time ( 2pm on the dot) and he was gracious and polite. He whipped out his phone and turned it off and put it in his bag. It was the first time I noticed a model doing that. I am accustom to models walking thru the door texting and twittering and facebooking but he showed respect by putting his phone away. I know for me, I never use my phone during a shoot so I can give the person in front of my camera my full attention.

We sat and chatted about modeling, his numerous photoshoot experiences with the Stevens (Miesel and Klein), our families, his dogs and motor bikes, and food (we both looooove food). In front of the camera I told him to give me some of that "Chad White shit" - and he just started moving like he could read my mind. I really had fun working with him and I can't wait to work with him again. Next time imma make sure to get some full length shot because he has the best legs ever.

Special thanks to Jason Kanner for sending him to me ...... thanks!!!

ps. Chad, you left your baseball cap.... i'll hold on to it for you ;)"

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