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Q: Once upon a time every girl's dream was to become an actress. Now times have changed and today they want to become models. What is your opinion on that?

HM: Everyone should follow their dreams, everyone should do what they like the most. I never thought I would become a model, but it happened. I was walking down the street and a model scout noticed me, this is how my career started.

Q: Being a model also means sacrificing a lot. What do you like most about this job and what the least?

HM: I like travelling, because of my job I have visited places I would never see otherwise. I like meeting new people, cause I think that you learn most from others. But I do miss my family so I talk on the phone a lot. I get lonely sometimes, but I make myself feel better fast, cause I know this job won't last forever.

Q: In the fashion world, you are mostly known for your special, bright eyes. Which part of your body do you like the most?

HM: I know my eyes are special, but I also think I have beautiful legs, because they are long and well shaped. I also like my pale and flawless skin: I am a lucky girl, because I don't have acne, so I don't have problems on photoshoots. Acne are a nightmare to a lot of young models.

Q: In backstage of fashion shows there are a lot of beautiful girls. How are the relationships between them?

HM: It depends. I only have a few (girl)friends, I don't have time for deeper relationships, because I am always traveling. I think that in backstage every girl is looking only after herself, so we don't look at eachother in a bad way. There is a lot of work, so it makes no sense to talk about competition when each girl can find something interesting to do.

Q: Which would you choose: photoshoots or fashion show?

Photoshoots, cause they are more relaxed, you work one day and then you look at yourself for at least half a year. Whereas on fashion show I do a lot of kilometers and am very tired after. Besides that, we have fittings during the night so we never sleep. It is very hard.

I hope my translation is good and I'm glad I could help:)

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That was perfect, Katrin, thank you so much!! :hug:

I like that she said she likes her legs and knows her eyes are special. I cannot stand those models saying "I don't know what's special about me", "my butt is flat" - blah.

And thank you for the picture as well :wub:

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