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    I love love love how Adriana looks now, she looks incredibly sexy and I honestly can't see how someone could see her as not ''in shape'' I always preferred Alessandra, but lately she has been looking terribly skinny. I think Adriana's legs look much better when she gains a little more weight, but overall I think that she will always look amazing no matter how much weight she gains because she is - Adriana Lima Sorry for not posting new pics, I just wanted to comment
  2. {name}

    Christina Aguilera

    I saw this girl photographed for playboy and I think she looks a lot like Christina in her ''dirrty'' period I'm sorry for posting nonchristina pictures but to me the similarity is uncanny nudity http://i.imagehost.org/view/0885/7_gallery_image
  3. {name}

    Waz Ashayer

    I like him
  4. {name}

    Waz Ashayer

    height 6,1 - 185 chest 40 - 101 waist 31 - 79 shoes m 10/43 /11.5 hair color brown eyes brown ''Hi! My name is Wassim Ashayer. Known To Most As Waz, I'm half Palestinian, half Irish. I was born in Bolton. I have a un-identical twin brother Nadeem Ashayer, "Nad." After being born moved to Hackney East London, then onto Hampton in the suburbs of London. It got to a point where at the age of 10 my mum thought the countryside was the way foward....really?!.....so from the age of 10 i have lived here in a small town called Marlborough in Wiltshire! I have school hopped loads within last couple of years, having completed my GCSE's at Dauntsey's in Devizes, West Lavington (1 A star, 4 A's and 4 B's). Due to hockey reasons, i moved to local state school, St.Johns Marlborough, to study My AS Levels. These included Law, Media And Business. I Completed The Year And got 3 A's. I moved yet again to undergo my A2, final year at New College, Swindon. I started out the year....but in October i starred on TV Show "MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL". He is signed with Select Model Management http://www.selectmodel.com/ViewByTalent.as...582&TtyId=2
  5. {name}


    oh.my.good! How can anyone look THAT beautiful? Sorry for the purposeless comment, but these pics are incredible
  6. {name}

    Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

    I think this is such a good campaign. I support it all the way. I know so many people (I am one of them) who have maybe such a harder life because they are constantly judged by their appearance which isn't as perfect as we claim it should be. I do enjoy seeing models and I'm even a big fan of Alessandra.. And even though I try to convince myself it isn't so, I know I have a picture of her on my wall because not so deep inside I want to be like her. And not just Ale.. And it's clear that if you want to be someone else you're not happy with yourself which of course leads to low self-esteem and maybe even depression The problem is also when someone is losing weight not because they want to be healthy, but because they want to be beautiful (socially acceptable) . Or when old(er) people are considered unattractive.. come on, we are all going to be old sooner or later, it is unavoidable, yet we created this situation when it's such a compliment when someone tells you look younger than you really are and real age is something you should hide. And a model's career is age limited.. anyway,.. Qball (and others), I think it's really great that you are supporting this openly. in this world it's hard to not be a part of the whole system of ideals
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    not bigger, but without the watermarks! ( I found it here)
  8. {name}

    General Discussion

    I got the email with the message about the forum being hacked too.. I guess everyone did?? I don't think that all the posts lost there is such a big deal, there are so many websites with her pictures and videos and also all of Alessandra's posts were copied and posted on several fansites. And if we keep on posting as much as we are used to, then the forum is going to be as good as new in no time! It is sad that someone would do such a thing and I doubt that it is only because of avada. People make viruses for no good reason as well. I'm glad to hear that the forum is going to be up soon and thanks to the mods for their good work!
  9. {name}

    Christina Aguilera

    Did you see at www.chirstinaaguilera.com there is a video with footage from her wedding! And her singin to Save me from myself!
  10. {name}

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 (POST-SHOW THREAD)

    I think in the first segment with will.i.am performing, all the model mothers watching and hearing the song were going ''hell yea she got it from her mama!'' the show seemed good to me, I just think they edited it badly... Alessandra was the best (in my opinion) as always,.. And Karolina just gets better and better with years
  11. {name}

    Jelena Karleusa

    ^oh right, I missed this post, sorry... thanks for the info, it sounds disturbing !!
  12. {name}

    Jelena Karleusa

    rebra? that means ribs, right? Now I'm interested, what about them?
  13. {name}

    Heather Marks

    Q: Once upon a time every girl's dream was to become an actress. Now times have changed and today they want to become models. What is your opinion on that? HM: Everyone should follow their dreams, everyone should do what they like the most. I never thought I would become a model, but it happened. I was walking down the street and a model scout noticed me, this is how my career started. Q: Being a model also means sacrificing a lot. What do you like most about this job and what the least? HM: I like travelling, because of my job I have visited places I would never see otherwise. I like meeting new people, cause I think that you learn most from others. But I do miss my family so I talk on the phone a lot. I get lonely sometimes, but I make myself feel better fast, cause I know this job won't last forever. Q: In the fashion world, you are mostly known for your special, bright eyes. Which part of your body do you like the most? HM: I know my eyes are special, but I also think I have beautiful legs, because they are long and well shaped. I also like my pale and flawless skin: I am a lucky girl, because I don't have acne, so I don't have problems on photoshoots. Acne are a nightmare to a lot of young models. Q: In backstage of fashion shows there are a lot of beautiful girls. How are the relationships between them? HM: It depends. I only have a few (girl)friends, I don't have time for deeper relationships, because I am always traveling. I think that in backstage every girl is looking only after herself, so we don't look at eachother in a bad way. There is a lot of work, so it makes no sense to talk about competition when each girl can find something interesting to do. Q: Which would you choose: photoshoots or fashion show? Photoshoots, cause they are more relaxed, you work one day and then you look at yourself for at least half a year. Whereas on fashion show I do a lot of kilometers and am very tired after. Besides that, we have fittings during the night so we never sleep. It is very hard. I hope my translation is good and I'm glad I could help:)