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Ashley Cafagna-Tesoro


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Date of birth (location)

15 February 1983

Iowa City, Iowa, USA


5' 7" (1.70 m)

Mini biography

Ashley Cafagna-Tesoro has had an acting career spanning over eleven years. She has had international modeling campaigns, several commercials and has graced the cover of many magazines. She has guest- starred on several popular television shows including; "7th Heaven", "Valley of the Dolls", "Hey Arnold", "CBS's morning news show", and as a guest host for "E! Entertainment Television". She has been a presenter at prestigious award shows including the daytime Emmy Awards, the Soap opera Digest Awards, and was awarded "Best Newcomer on a Daytime Television Show" in Australia. Ashley was also named one of the "Fifty most Beautiful People" on television by "Soap Opera Digest magazine" and "Soap Opera Weekly magazine."

She has starred in seven films during her career including Universal Picture's "The Skulls 2". Ashley is known throughout the world due to her starring roles on NBC's "Saved By the Bell" (the New Class), and CBS's "The Bold and the Beautiful". During a five and a half year period she portrayed the characters of Liz Miller on "Saved By the Bell" (the New Class) and Kimberly Fairchild on "The Bold and the Beautiful". These characters brought both national and international attention to her acting talent and ability, as well as her beauty and grace. With "The Bold and the Beautiful" being voted the number one watched television show in the world, seen daily in over ninety-six countries by more than five hundred million viewers, Ashley Cafagna-Tesoro has truly become an international star.


Anthony J. Tesoro (30 September 2001 - present)


Won the Little Miss California pageant at the age of 9

Dyed her hair black for her role as Kimberly Fairchild on "The Bold and the Beautiful" (1987). [May 2000]

Worked as a model for Tommy Hilfiger.

She began singing at the age of five. During her role on "The Bold and the Beautiful" recorded several songs for the show.

Currently studying the Japanese language and culture [2004]

Traveled to Venice Italy to film episodes of The "Bold and the Beautiful" in 1999

She was named one of the fifty most beautiful people in daytime television by "Soap Opera Digest" and "Soap Opera Weekly."

She was a presenter at the Soap Opera Digest Awards, the Daytime Emmys, and the Young Star awards.





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