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Carla Ossa

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By any chance can we have some booty pics? I miss those :p

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Perfecto thank you sir! :chicken:

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Happy Birthday Carla Ossa!   :nicole:  :nicole:  :nicole:  29 years old! Am I right?

Now She is living in Florida

I wish I could meet her one time

But I live in Viet nam  :cry2:





From Carla'sFB


I love this girl so much! Love her smile  :nicole:  :nicole:  :nicole:

:clap:  :clap:  :clap:



I love Marisa Miller, Candice , Brooklyn Decker, Linsdsay Ellingson....But last month, when i saw Carla's picture, i knew this was the best model  :dance:  :clap:



here's one of my favourite







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Thanks anyway


Love all your posts of Carla!!  Keep up the great work!!




Do you have close up pictures of Carla's feet?

Sorry I can't help you there, fciaft. There was a discussion about the size of Carla's feet a couple hundred pages back. Some think they are too big. I think they're just right.

post-34080-0-1446108647-33983_thumb.jpg post-34080-0-1446108647-38087_thumb.jpg post-34080-0-1446108647-39978_thumb.jpg
post-34080-0-1446108647-41118_thumb.jpg post-34080-0-1446108647-43555_thumb.jpg post-34080-0-1446108647-45756_thumb.jpg


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Nice adds sir, very much appreciated :chicken:

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