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Your favorite scenes. Post them!

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"He who increases knowledge also increases sorrow.."



great comment:


"Eckberts words "He that increases knowlege, increases sorrow" while looking at Jesus (enlightened person) cruicified reminded me about the price he, Athelstan and Ragnar paid. There was something similar about all three characters. They were all enlightened in a way. They were all curious and seeking for knowledge everywhere. It was all clear, that Ragnar came to that position of becoming a Mythical Character in Norse mythology just by being curious and always having this urge of his to know, learn, become more. Athelstan also became respected and loved by both of them Ragnar and Eckbert just because they recognized his flowing energy and will to live and to appreciate to be a human being and grow through life, which was also due to his curiosity about life and god. Ragnar was not the same person after Athelstan's death, and also Eckbert was not the same after Ragnar's death. And they all increased knowledge in life, they suffered and paid the price about it. Looking the picture from much more above can be as hard as it is satisfying."

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4:30 is awfully satisfying...but not for Jaime's sake.  so many incorrigible assholes, abusers, and scumbags in day-to day real life that could use a more mild treatment like this.



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