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Intro: Nine


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Hi guys. A lot of you know me from chilaX, but there's probably things you don't know about me.

So... I'll help.

My full name is Jeannine, but I do actually go by Nine. Old 8th grade nickname that never went away. I suppose it's better then Neen...

I'm 22 years old, 5'10, with dark hair and blue eyes. I've got fair skin, rosy cheeks, and freckles. And no, you're never getting a picture *L*

I'm still in college, currently aiming for a web design and multimedia degree.

I love cats. I usually don't stay long with a man who dislikes felines. I consider it bad karma. My parents have 5 animals at their country house - 4 cats and a dog, and after I've dated a boy for awhile, I'll take him home. The true test is how well he gets along with the dog, Albert. If they like each other, he's a winner. Sound dumb? Well... that's me sometimes.

I say my favorite color is blue, but I'm in denial: it's pink. I look good in pink.

Josie Maran and Ana Beatriz Barros are my favorite models, with Olga Kurylenko in close third and Hana Soukpova in fourth.

I hate smileys. I think they are sent from Satan to torment and degrade the intelligence the masses.

I miss chilaX *sniff*

S'it! Hope to see you guys around.

Much Love,


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Hi, had to come in an post since I too love cats. I have 4 right now but would have a housefull if they'd fit. Your website is very good. I also agree with your true test lol. Well glad your here. TTYL

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