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Szilvia Miskolczi

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Szilvia Miskolczi (sometimes Siliva or even Sylvie) is a Hungarian model.

Szilvia Miskolczi88.jpgSzilvia Miskolczi01.jpg

Szilvia Miskolczi04.jpgSzilvia Miskolczi91.jpg



She's like this:

  • height 176cm/5'9.5"
  • bust 90cm/35.5"B
  • waist 60cm/23.5"
  • hips 88cm/34.5"
  • size 36-38 EU/6-8 US/8-10 UK
  • shoes 40 EU/9 US/6.5 UK
  • hair brown
  • eyes green

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Szilvia is with :

- Visage models Budapest

- Karin models Paris

- Dominique models Brussels

 -Blow models Madrid/Barcelona

- Spin models Hamburg

- Elite models Milano

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