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Dane Cook


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I can't be the only one who thinks he's hot, at least I hope not!


Dane Jeffrey Cook (born March 18, 1972 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) is an American stand-up comedian and screen actor. Cook grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts, and attended Arlington High School. He was raised Roman Catholic with Irish and Italian heritage.

His comedy material is mostly observational humor. His recent routines include such diverse topics as car accident mayhem, Cook's time spent working at Burger King and assorted geek humor. Cook often refers to specific places or things using his own slang terms. For instance: Burger King is the "BK Lounge" (a phrase first used by De La Soul), Walgreens is "The Wall" , and a sandwich is a "sangwich". He also popularized the acronym BAMF, short for Bad Ass Mother Fucker, a slight variation on the more-common and widely-used "BMF", or "Bad Mother Fucker". Among Cook's numerous television credits are performances on Comedy Central Presents and Comedy Central Bar Mitzvah Bash.

He is often referred to as 'the most popular guy on MySpace' (next to Tom Anderson, the creator of the service), because at one time he approved every friend request he received -- recently hitting one million.










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I dont know. Im pretty sure shes not a celebrity though.

her name is raquel houghton, and i guess you could consider her a celebrity. she is a lead singer in some group called valli girls. here's a pretty good picture of her.

here's an article, with a picture of her. however, when all this stuff about dane and jessica simpson came out dane told a magazine that he was single. While some other magazines say that he cheated on raquel with jessica but that dane and raquel are still together. who knows! but i wish he was dating me, haha.

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Jessica Alba lost a tooth because of him :laugh:

:laugh: yea i heard about that

why becaouse of him ?

they are filming a movie together right now called 'good luck chuck'. apparently they were filming a love scene or a make-out scene - i can't remember which and anyway, they were making out and i guess it got pretty intense and they knocked teeth and jessica ended up having a tooth knocked out.

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