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Which console(s) do you own?


Which console(s) do you own?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. if more than one, vote the one you use most

    • Xbox
    • Xbox360
    • Playstation
    • Playstation 2
    • Gamecube
    • PSP
    • DS
    • GBA
    • Old Skool (NES, SNES, Atari, w/e)

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yeah I have a friend's xbox at the moment, I'm still doubting getting the 360 or the PS3, but PS3 is gonna be soo expensive :| PS3 does have better games, but sine GTA4 will come out on both at the same time, I'll just get a 360

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I had the:

Honeybee (NES)


Now I got a:


Xbox <_<

but I want me a PS3 :woot:

Don't know why though... I never play games anymore... but the thought of wireless control pads excites me :laugh:

Me too :woot:

The wireless control excites me too :woot: The PS3 control reminds me of the N64 one except the PS3 has 2 long handles insterad of 3 :ninja:

controllersps3rf7.th.jpg n64or5.th.png

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hahaha that was hilarious, I tried fighting them off but they were too strong :laugh: , I wanna play Ocarina again :blink:

:rofl: strong chickens and there were plenty of them. They're evil :| but I guess that taught us a lesson about not harming the chickens in that game :laugh:

they threw out that aussie contraoller awhile ago this will be the ps3 controller :p



so I'm still doubting between PS3 and 360 but I'll probably go for the 360 seeing that I can get it for free :p

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