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Cheryl Cole moves out of marital home to “consider the future” of her marriage

Cheryl Cole has left her love rat husband Ashley Cole for a “break” in their marriage, it was claimed last night.

The Girls Aloud star, 24, has reportedly fled to a secret location to consider their future.

But a rep for the pair inisisted they had not split, saying: “They are definitely still together. There is obviously lots of stuff going on at the moment and Cheryl has gone away for a break to clear her head for a few days.”

The move emerged after a fragile-looking Cheryl was photographed leaving a video shoot in London, during which she broke down in tears.

The Chelsea and England star’s infidelity may also destroy Cheryl’s plans to start a family with him. In her last interview before the shock news of Ashley’s affair with a 22-year-old hairdresser, Cheryl said they soon hoped to “work on” having a baby.

The ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ star also said she “couldn’t work through an affair. Trust is so important to me.”

The singer was visibly upset whilst filming the video for her band’s new single Can’t Speak French.

She was comforted by bandmates Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh.

It was revealed last week how the Chelsea left back two-timed her with hairdresser Aimee Walton, 22. When Aimee feared she was pregnant, a representative of the England defender offered her cash for an abortion.

A source at Girls Aloud’s record company Polydor said: “Cheryl knew nothing about Ashley’s affair. She was in bits at the filming.”

Two other girls have claimed they were paid off after sex with Cole, who was back with team-mates yesterday at Chelsea’s training ground in Surrey.

The source added: “Cheryl is just bracing herself for more tales of his cheating.”

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Showbiz Reporter

PANICKING Ashley Cole was reduced to a quivering wreck when blonde Aimee Walton revealed she might be pregnant with his child.

The £90,000-a-week Chelsea and England ace said: “S**t! I’m shaking. I’m sorry.”

Cheating Cole, 27, has told his loyal pop star wife Cheryl that he cannot remember having sex with hairdresser Aimee, 22.

But The Sun’s evidence destroys those claims – and reveals the lengths Cole was prepared to go to in order to hide his sordid secret.

Cole’s representative offered Aimee cash to have an abortion, and the player himself called her from his mobile to apologise.


Believing Aimee to be pregnant, Cole said: “F****** hell! I’m shaking. I’m sorry. S**t!”

When it was suggested that he should have worn a condom during his THREE romps with Aimee, Cole replied: “I don’t do that s**t.”

Aimee last night told how she was offered cash to have an abortion after she said she might be pregnant from her one-night stand.

As soon as Cole’s people heard about the scare, a representative went to meet Aimee at a Harvester pub.

The representative told her: “The best thing for Ashley is to terminate the baby.” He then offered her private medical care and “financial support to make the termination easy”.

Tearful Aimee was told Cole was “a happily married man” and would have nothing to do with the child.

The representative told Aimee that Cole’s people would do “whatever it takes” to keep her happy – as long as she kept quiet.

But Aimee – who took along a friend and taped both the meeting and the phone call for her own protection – rejected the offers.

The pregnancy scare turned out to be a false alarm, but Aimee said: “He offered to pay for an abortion and said I could go on a holiday with my son. I felt sick.”

During last Wednesday’s summit at the Harvester in Sutton, Surrey, the representative said Cole and Aimee were “idiots” for having unprotected sex. He added: “The last thing I’m gonna do is defend him.”

The conversation then took a sinister turn as they discussed Aimee’s baby fears.

The representative told her: “We would do whatever you want. Obviously he’s not gonna leave his wife, he’s not gonna get involved.

Offered cash ... Aimee Walton

“If you wanted to terminate the pregnancy and then go on holiday with your friend, then you know that’s fine. We would take care of that.

“If you wanna keep the baby then we’ll give you something towards it.” The representative stressed: “I’ll be dead straight with you.

“The best thing for Ashley is to terminate the baby, right. We’ll get private, done properly. Financially we’ll take of all that.”

When Aimee made it clear she did not want Cole’s cash or a holiday, he tried to persuade her that her toddler son needed a break.

Cole’s man even joked: “We’re talking about Southend here, not anywhere else! Don’t get carried away!”

The representative made a series of sickening comments as he tried to persuade Aimee to go through with an abortion if she was pregnant with the player’s child.

At one point, he was asked what he would do if the unborn baby was his.

He replied: “Me? Terminate. But I’m old-fashioned. Without being rude, I think you should have a father.”

Hurt ... Cheryl at the weekend

He then made it clear Cole would have no dealings with a child that was born because of his cheating.

The representative said: “I’ll tell you the facts, all right? Trust me, because I know my people. We’ll only support you financially.

“And that’s why I think, if you terminate, it would be best. I’m being honest. I’m being very cold and methodical, but that’s my job.”

When Aimee again rejected his financial offers, the representative said: “Are you a millionairess?” When told she wasn’t, he replied: “Then you need help.”

And in a statement that will alarm wronged Girls Aloud star Cheryl, he even suggested Cole could have faced the situation before.

Aimee’s friend said: “A person like this, he’s a role model to a lot of young boys, it’s not a good example.”

The representative coldly replied: “This will be the last time, I assure you.”

Tapes of the meeting and Aimee’s phone conversation with Cole are now in The Sun’s possession.

The Sun exclusively revealed last Friday how Cole had sex with Aimee at a pal’s flat after a night out in London.

In happier times ... Cheryl with Cole

He interrupted the romp to be sick – and incredibly claimed his wife did not mind him cheating as long as he kept it secret.

Cole and Cheryl have since held crisis talks in a bid to save their marriage.

They spent all day Saturday at their solicitor’s office.

Yesterday Cheryl, 24, vowed to fight to save her marriage – and said she believed Cole when he said he did not sleep with Aimee.

The singer also lashed out at Aimee, branding her a gold-digger. Cheryl said: “I hope she’s happy with the designer handbag that she buys with her dirty money.”

But Aimee hit back last night, branding as “bizarre” Cole’s claim that he cannot remember their night of lust.

She said: “There are things he did to me that you simply would not forget.


“At one point his mates burst into the room and had a conversation with him while we were having sex.

“If Ashley can’t remember our encounter, maybe Cheryl can ask them about it.”

Aimee added: “I regret what happened, but what Cheryl has said is infuriating and, frankly, ridiculous.

“I was offered cash on a plate by Ashley Cole. A man representing Ashley Cole met me and tried to throw money at the problem. He was there for Ashley, he may as well have been Ashley.

“I could have taken the money and ran. I chose instead to expose what he is like. I’m sorry Cheryl has been hurt, but trying to shift the blame from her husband to me is not rational.

“Ashley slept with me, then tried to cover it up. They tried to shut me up with money. They lie and cheat.

“Cheryl needs to bear that in mind when Ashley is telling her it never happened.”

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Cole's cheating takes its toll

HEARTBROKEN CHERYL COLE has not eaten for a WEEK since The Sun revealed her husband ASHLEY cheated on her.

Friends and family were last night deeply concerned for the health of the Girls Aloud star, who was said to be “close to collapse” and suffering dizzy spells.

Cheryl, 24, discovered last Thursday night that Chelsea and England defender Ashley, 27, had played away from home with hairdresser AIMEE WALTON, 22.

The trauma of her marriage meltdown has left Cheryl unable to eat a thing, and she is now losing weight because she can only stomach fluids.

A source close to the Geordie singer said last night: “Everyone is really worried about Cheryl.

“She didn’t eat for a couple of days and everyone close to her understood because she was so upset.

“But time has dragged on and she has now gone the best part of a week without a proper meal.

“She was already incredibly thin because she had been working out for the Girls Aloud video.

“But she just doesn’t have the frame to cope with losing any more weight.

“She can’t force food down because she is still in shock. She’s been having dizzy spells and is close to collapse. It’s really worrying.”

Cheryl moved out of the marital home in Oxshott, Surrey, on Tuesday to spend time at a secret location thinking about her future.

She had initially vowed to stand by Cole - but further revelations about his cheating left her in tears again.

After exclusively revealing Cole’s sleazy one-night stand with Aimee, The Sun told how the millionaire footie ace offered his blonde conquest cash to have an abortion.

News of Cole’s reckless behaviour with glamour model BROOKE HEALY, 23 - when he refused to use a condom for another illicit sex session “because Chelsea give us check-ups” - then sent Cheryl over the edge.

The devastated beauty has locked herself away and has been sitting in silence because she cannot even bear to listen to music.

The source said: “Cheryl is really isolating herself. Songs on the radio upset her because she feels all the lyrics relate to her marriage breakdown. She is having a horrible time.”

Meanwhile Cole was smiling and larking about with Chelsea pals at training yesterday as he apparently put his marriage woes behind him.

Cole appeared more worried about his ball skills than the fact his wife had moved out.

Despite his efforts at training, he was left out of the squad for last night’s game against Reading - having already missed Chelsea’s FA Cup match last weekend.

Boss AVRAM GRANT insisted Cole’s personal troubles had nothing to do with the decision. He said: “He’s a professional. He’s ready.”

Source: The Sun

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Cheryl consults divorce lawyer

DEVASTATED CHERYL COLE has been told she could land a £4million payout by divorcing her cheating hubby ASHLEY.

She has taken legal advice after the Chelsea star’s romps were revealed last week by The Sun.

GIRLS ALOUD singer Cheryl, 24, now accepts Cole, who is worth £10million, betrayed her - after at first defending him from the shock revelations.

A well-placed source said: “She knows he has slept with other girls. That is no longer in question and she won’t be pretending he is innocent again.

“I can’t see her taking him back. He’s begging like a dog - and that is how she sees him.

“She has taken advice on divorce and it is now a very viable option. She’d be looking at about £4million.”


Cheryl has moved out of their mansion in Oxshott, Surrey, to take a break from the rows and has gone into hiding. A mystery woman turned up yesterday and loaded two large bags from the house into a car.

Cole, 27, romped with blonde hairdresser AIMEE WALTON, 22 - then offered her cash and a holiday to have an abortion when she thought she was pregnant.

Since then more women have come forward to say they slept with the player and were then paid off.

Yesterday we told how heartbroken Cheryl had not eaten for nearly a WEEK and pals fear for her health.

The source added: “She has suffered a complete emotional breakdown. Her family is absolutely furious with Ashley for what he has done to this beautiful young lady, who devoted herself totally to him.”

England defender Cole missed Chelsea’s Premier League match against Reading on Wednesday night.

Source: The Sun

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