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Natasha Poly


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Great latest news! Even I was highly expected she's on the Interview cover though, with several other girls. Need more Interview's shots of her ASAP! :woot: 

Btw, I can't enjoy her appearance during Russia FNO tonight, gonna be offline for couple of days, yeah too bad.


BOSS The Scent - Behind the Scenes with Theo James | HUGO BOSS Perfumes

YouTube | Hugo Boss



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I think she's not pregnant. FNo is all about walking and roaming around from one store to another which i guess is very tiring, poly will not do it if she's expecting especially in her first trisemester #justsaying☺

I think you are right. Yesterday I was looking at instagram pictures where she is tagged and I saw one from St Moritz where she was drinking something that looked like champagne  :laugh:

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They have a whole product range of that print this season. From shirts to bags to wallets. Like the cherry print from the previous season. I've commented about it on TFS. She really has the grunge-chic vibe on lock. Hedi should take notice lol




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She's still home in Amsterdam so i believe it's quite clear she's not going to walk Givenchy which is going to happen tomorrow evening in New York.. at this point she should have been already in New York because this afternoon there are fittings.. so if she doesn't show up at Givenchy of course she won't either walk for Michael Kors.

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