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Natasha Poly


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Gucci Cruise 2007 Fashion Show

The Penthouse at Milk Studios, NYC

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

post-1676-1150342209_thumb.jpg post-1676-1150342234_thumb.jpg

post-1676-1150342286_thumb.jpg post-1676-1150342375_thumb.jpg

More of her with the other girls in Jeisa's thread.

yey!! new pictures!! thanks lullaby...btw, where can i find jeisa's thread?

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Welcome :)

I got em all from her site there are some videos as well.

She's amazing.


Does anbody know the name of the song on the first video "Video Talk" ?

I was searching for that song forever. The one I found was Waldorf's "You're My Disco." Its on iTunes. :)

Thank you!! I just doanload it but it's like different it's faster not like on the video...Do u have that version like on the video ???

Would u send it to me ? :blush:

if yes my e-mail is [email protected]

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Natasha is 1 of my top fav models just love her!

thx fr the pics what FS and season r theres from ?



And some i found.

ur welcome betty...i love her too! btw, the first photo is from roberto cavalli and the second one is from valentino, both spring 2005 season...ur posts are also great! i love the one where she is sleeping...

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