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4 models looking to be ID'ed.

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It's always better and more helpfull with the pictures instead of a link.

Here they are:

1 post-35116-0-1445978157-89081_thumb.jpg   Lane Lindell

2 post-35116-0-1445978157-90378_thumb.jpg

3 post-35116-0-1445978157-91171_thumb.jpg  Maggie Caruthers

4 post-35116-0-1445978157-91896_thumb.jpg

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They probably mean to not embed an actual full size image. or hotlink from the original URL.  It's very standard forum posting practice to secure the image yourself, upload it to an imagehoster and then post a large thumbnail image, linking to a larger full size one.  People aren't going to click on your unknown link.  Well - a few will, but most won't.  Not worth the risk.


An image posted with a larger thumbnail (usually 350x350) at a popular site like: imagebam, imagevenue, postimg.org, imgbox, or turboimagehost - will get you a :clap: from the crowd, and a decent number of eyes on your id problem.


Bellazon has an imageuploader themselves, but the thumbnail it generates is way too small for practical use here.  Why?  because it requires someone trying to help you to click on each thumbnail, and open each image up to see a face or get other image details to help make an id.


Using a large thumbnail will permit some people to id directly from the thumbnail (since it's large enough), and save time for everyone involved.


So it's easier to see this and possibly make an id directly from this size image (a 350x350 thumbnail of an unknown): 




vs this




or this:



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Oh, right. I assumed I can't post pix AT ALL vs just the large size w/o the thumbnail. My bad.


Anyway: bumpity bump on no. 2 and no. 4 :D

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Who is she Xerus?? What a face!




Veronika Istomina

Thanks :) I know her. I even posted in her thread! There's so much beautiful girls in that world! And she's too hot to have just a little thread... i'll go update him right away!

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