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Tags (Adding, Removal, and Etiquette?)

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Ever since the new format of this forum began, we have the ability to add tags which I like. Unfortunately, some people add the most ridiculously subjective tags to a model like beautiful, sexy, name, etc.  Most of the people threads created here are considered beautiful, handsome, or sexy, so why bother using those types of tags. With models, there is no point putting a models agency in the tag because those aren't permanent facts. Similarly, I don't think people should have tags of so-and-so's girlfriend, unless that's all they are known for such as a WAG.  Is there a way to remove tags as these types of tags are subjective and do not properly catalog information others could use. If so should we have Tag deletion thread?



I don't know how other member's think about tags but I think tags should be things that describe a model, actress, singer, etc overall bio. It's great for people threads to use tags from a specific decade, country, abilities, or specific look (short hair, curly hair, bald, green eyes, etc). This way if I am in the actor section and I click on a tag that says Oscar Winner, I can find all the threads of Oscar winners. Or if I am in the model section, I click on 80s models tag and find all the models threads from the 80s. Am I the only one who feels this way?



On that note, maybe we should come up with tag category names like Wikipedia does as well as some type of tagging etiquette. 

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I'm not aware of any immediate plans to tackle this, but it could be something worth thinking about.


Quite honestly, a lot of the tags I see on my travels do seem fairly subjective, and many of them are rather superfluous. Also, the potential for them to go out of date is pretty high. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I don't really see the harm in this becoming a 'deletion request' thread of sorts.

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