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Apart model from prehistory


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Yes, I know: not Fernanda Prada, but still Fernanda. It's Fernanda Motta, as I realised ten minutes after leaving the computer. Where is Nightowl when you need him?


A day late and a dollar short, apparently. Yes, Fernanda Motta, of course. And wow--what a collection! I am still getting up off the floor from finding so many pics of one of my favorites, Julia Ortiz. I'll repost them in her thread before long. Thanks!

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Hey J@mes...


Many years ago, you had a great technical discussion board that explained a lot of the URL structures and other technical points to find or retrieve HQ images.  Thanks for that.  It wasn't wasted on many of us :D


Didn't know what happened to you, but glad to see you're still well and around/about.

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