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  1. Stylish shots of an iconic actress. I hardly see the watches.
  2. Versatile like a szohrcerer. Thank you for so many pics!
  3. Huh? She's 32, not 62!!! Applause Ribelin
  4. Indeed extraordinary. Thanks quality-nightowl
  5. .... Cool down. I edited my post. Thanks DanniCullen
  6. Outstanding Vogue China editorial. Bringing japanese sophistication to China. Thanks.
  7. Welcome back Chief. Glad to see you posting again.
  8. Ahhh Prof. J@mes now teaching on Flickr! Fantastic knowledge modelknowledge!
  9. I wonder if she changes her name in "Elle France" when she moves there?
  10. Looks familiar to me. Anyone knows her?
  11. Late Valentine's day by nightbowl. Thanks
  12. "Tereza or Teresa? Either is possible.--- J@mes" Literally good idea!
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