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Blade Trinity


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i saw it on wednesday. it was pretty good. it was very funny, hannibal king is hilarious. they critics say wesley snipes dialog isnt good. to me it was the same as the other movies. the cgi is much better compared to blade 2. like when he was fighting the chick it blade 2 you can tell it was cgi but in this one it is better. they had to improve it considering earlier screenings of the movie people said the cgi was very bad but i guess they fixed it cuz now problems that i saw.

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Sorry guys, the third part of the Blade-collection is no way better than the first and the second one. The choreography of the fighting sequences is really bad beacuase often to short and not that complex like in the second part. I love Jessica Biel, but her character is horrible, totally stupid conversation and scenes. Only Hannibal King is fun...

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