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Jodi Albert


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I just saw this girl in US Maxim

She had been on the cover UK Maxim

Here is a bio that I found

Full name: Jodi (her middle name's a secret) Albert

Old GT nickname: Teeny-bop Thing

Date Of Birth: 22 July 1983

Place Of Birth: Whipps Cross Hospital in Chingford

Home Town: Chingford, North East London

Lives: Liverpool "It's a lively place, but very small compared to London, so you can get to everywhere easily"

Age: 20

Star Sign: Cancer

Hair colour: Light Brown

Eye colour: Brown/Dark Green

Parents: George and Eileen Albert

Siblings: Older sister, Kelly

Boyfriend: Kian Egan

School: Syliva Young Theatre School

Likes: Gymnastics (she goes to the gym whenever she have time), horse riding, party, shopping, dancing (Jodi's taking hip-hop dance classes), singing, acting and playing the drums

Hates: Drunk people talking rubbish and when people flattens her hair

Her big secret: It's not much of a big secret but she really like watching ice skating and gymnastics on TV, the other girls think it's boring...

Current Job: Plays Debbie Dean in British soap Hollyoaks

Roles Jodi have played: Cosette in Les Misrables when she was 10, small parts on Mr. Bean and Eastenders, and Debbie Dean in Hollyoaks

Commercials Jodi have been on: Kinder Eggs, Pringles, Pizzas, Board games or The Lion King

Best Friends: Her mum and Kelly, "We've always been really close."

Most embarrasing moment: "I was on stage in front of 4000 people in Les Mis, and I tripped up, kicked a chair of stage and almost fell over! Then I went to sing and I started hiccuping!"

Ambitions: To make people smile and have the best time she can

Motto Of Life: Live everyday to the fullest, cause you never know what's around the corner

Fascinating Fact: She have a habit of biting people if they tickle or wind her up. She recently left biting marks on Nikki's (Girl Thing member) bum!

Style Icon: One of them is Christina Aguilera. "I costumise a lot of my clothes and I'm quite daring. I once made an outfit out of leather with splits in the thighs and covered with studs!"

Describe herself as: Love having a good laugh, daring, emotional and sensitive

Jodi has been voted the 93rd sexiest women in the world by FHM magazine readers in 2003 and 73rd sexiest woman in 2004


Jodi grew up in East London with her parents and sister. Her dad, George worked as a taxi driver to support his family.

From a very young age, Jodi copied singers and dancers from TV.

At the age of 8 Jodi entered a talent cometition at Pontins holiday camp, where mothers dress up their girls and put make-up on them. Jodi won! (Why wouldn't she?!)

When Jodi was 10, she wanted to go to stage school. She wanted to learn more about performing, acting, singing... Her parents thought it was only for rich kids, cause they couldn't afford it. When they saw how sad Jodi was, they remotgaged the house.

Jodi went to Syliva Young Theatre School like former Spice Girl member Emma Bunton and singer Billie Piper

At age of 14, Eileen took Jodi to singing classes. A year later, her teacher told her of an audition for a new girl band who searched for a fifth member.

George took his daughter to the audition and was very surprised when she got hired without a singing note.

So Jodi joined Anika, Nikki, Linzi and Michelle in the band Girl Thing.

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Poor Jodi. 6 1/2 years since her last photos.


FiFi UK Fragrance Awards, London, May 15 '14


jodia150514BZNimage001.jpg jodia150514BZNimage002.jpg jodia150514BZNimage003.jpg jodia150514BZNimage004.jpg jodia150514BZNimage005.jpg th_2718da326892318.jpg/monthly_05_2014/post-72476-0-1593858361-24124_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="jodia150514BZNimage007.jpg"> jodia150514BZNimage008.jpg jodia150514BZNimage009.jpg jodia150514BZNimage010.jpg jodia150514BZNimage011.jpg jodia150514BZNimage012.jpg

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