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Thanks for all the pix and tweets! :flower:

It sounds like Savages test screenings are starting... :clap: I need to find a way to get in on one... :whistle:

Graham Ginsberg ‏ @grammitt

I have 4 guest passes to be in a test audience for a new movie called savages with john travolta, uma thurman, and blake lively! Anybody?

10:41 AM - 6 Mar 12 via Twitter for Android

Lol saw this on facebook

Ella Smith

Bedford Post never disappoints- having brunch with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Ella Smith

Yes Tini is freaking out- im Ernst;wir waren da nicht weil es nichts veganes gibt and Patty, they were making out too much to ask them a question ;-)

And tweet .

Teen @teen

@teen Editor @dankoday was just at Bedford Post Inn & saw Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively picking up food, holding hands as they looked @ menu

:wub: So cute. :D A few more from last weekend...

Tiana Edmond ‏ @tianaedmond_xo

My bro told me he saw Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively at the beford inn & he waved to Ryan waved to my bro for letting him go #sonice

Victoria Hughes ‏ @PISTOLdaisie

ryan reynolds & blake lively came into my work today :) #excitingnightatanthro

7:06 PM - 3 Mar 12

@hippielayd didn't get a chance to bc i was helping another customer but my coworker said they were extremely nice!

7:19 PM - 3 Mar 12 Terry T ‏ @FallenAngel209x

Real life: Ryan Reynolds just shopped at my store. #wtf #comeback #iwanthim #celebritysighting

4:52 PM - 3 Mar 12

Just saw @ReynoldRyan at my store again. For all the celebrities that come here, he's the only that's gotten me excited. #inlove

12:20 PM - 4 Mar 12

dan feda ‏ @michaelfludd

@ReynoldRyan just saw you at my job at the Bedford A&P your a very beautiful man and I am not gay I had to resist staring #goodday

12:17 PM - 4 Mar 12

Danny Economico ♪ ‏ @DanGuyWhat

Just saw Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at my store. Bedford is the spot for the celebs I guess #westchester

1:06 PM - 4 Mar 12

Luca Monaco ‏ @HIMONACO

Blake Lively was at Doppio

from Greenwich Connecticut, US

6:20 PM - 4 Mar 12

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Jonathan Berken @JonBerken

Mom checked out Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at Williams-Sonoma today... Guess they really are dating!

Amy @TheBeautyChick3

Mom just told me that she helped Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at work today. And she confirms that Ryan is "cute." haha

They have a lot of things to do every day. :laugh:

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Oh wow, they're doing Savages screenings in NJ as well. Got this from IMDb:

by damacerone 32 minutes ago (Wed Mar 7 2012 08:43:42)

I'm attending a test screening in NJ tomorrow night.

They're really going all out with this one aren't they? They must be really really confident in it I think for them to start test screenings so wide and so early, imo.

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Some more Savages stuff from Taylor Kitsch's GQ interview:

GQ: Later this summer, you'll star with Benicio Del Toro and John Travolta in Oliver Stone's Savages. Cartels and drugs—it sounds like a pretty brutal crime thriller.

Taylor Kitsch: It's a retro Stone ordeal. Travolta was saying that he hasn't read a script like this since Pulp Fiction. I play the messed-up Navy Seal. I'm doing scenes where I'm heisting cars, blowing cars up, shooting guys. There's a scene where I slice a guy's throat, four seconds. We had a Seal on set who said it was just that simple: He hides a knife down his arm and he asks for the time. The guy rolls the window down, he drags the knife across his throat, puts the knife in his pocket, and he's in. Four seconds. Benicio is just matter-of-factly decapitating people. I kept asking Oliver to write more scenes with me and Benicio. He's like, "Kitsch, I am already trying to bring this movie down. I can't just add a twelve minute scene with you and Benicio."

Sad how he hardly mentions Blake though :( Sounds fun either way :)

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JJ today

JJ: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment so far in your career?

TK: I think we have a f—— amazing year coming out, man. I’m very proud that these guys are completely different, from working with Andrew Stanton to Pete Berg to Oliver Stone. Working with [John] Travolta to Willem Dafoe, really just growing as an actor and as a person.

JJ: You have some awesome films coming out this year, including Savages.

TK: That’s going to be an incredible movie! I haven’t even seen it and I just feel that way. It’s just one of those things that while you are doing it, you’re just like, “Oh man, this is going to be good when you cut this thing.”

JJ: Did you enjoy working with Blake Lively in that film?

TK: I didn’t have a lot [of scenes] with Blake. She’s very sweet, but she gets kidnapped in the beginning of the story. I did a lot with Travolta and Benicio Del Toro and Aaron Johnson.

JJ: Awesome cast!

TK: Oh yeah, self explanatory.

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GG on set today.

Noor Marji ‏ @nouseh

"@xialenxoxo: BLAKE! pic.twitter.com/SnsDmdBU" RT She's so amazingly wonderful!

Noor Marji ‏ @nouseh

Oh and guys apparently Ryan Reynolds was up in the trailers waiting for Blake!!

Noor Marji ‏ @nouseh

@jezika19 He is even hotter, the camera does not do him justice!!! lol and No problem :)

:p pic here


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It sounds like Blake, Benicio del Toro, and Oliver Stone were at the Savages screening tonight in New Jersey...

V Lefthand ‏ @NoSilverNoGold

...Also, just did a screening for Savages and I got to be the vip correspondent for Blake Lively, Benicio del Toro, and Oliver Stone!!

7:33 PM - 8 Mar 12

V Lefthand ‏ @NoSilverNoGold

Um apparently they guy Blake kept kissing in the car she was dropped off in was Ryan Reynolds, lmao

8:57 PM - 8 Mar 12

V Lefthand ‏ @NoSilverNoGold

@JaqueCastilhos lol yeah I thought it looked like him but I wasn't sure till I looked it up n saw they were dating. They were really cute

9:27 PM - 8 Mar 12

Lex✌ ‏ @MarilexSantana

I envy u for that one... I love her RT @PrettyP_erla: Just walked blake lively to her table. She is so tall. <3 and beautiful

8:09 PM - 8 Mar 12

Kelly Bundy ‏ @kelly_lately

Just served blake lively & oliver stone

8:19 PM - 8 Mar 12

Cute pic of her with fans earlier today...

Eileen Pahamotang ‏ @heyeileeen

w/ Blake Lively <3 on set of GG @nouseh @MichelleZadrima @xialenxoxo pic.twitter.com/xDjRnKFD

from Yonkers, NY

6:54 PM - 8 Mar 12 via web


Wonderful words from newly-minted Oscar nominee, Demian Bichir:
Demián Bichir opens up on Olive Stone’s “Savages” and working with Taylor Kitsch

The movie slate this summer is jam packed with action blockbusters and superhero sequels, but tucked away in the middle of them is Oliver Stone‘s latest crime-drama, “Savages.” The film follows two marijuana growers named Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) as they try to rescue their kidnapped shared girlfriend O (Blake Lively) from a Mexican drug cartel. It certainly isn’t the lightest of films, but it’s something we’ve been long looking forward to.

Spirit Award nominee Demián Bichir plays a character named Alex in the film, though little was known about his role. IFC caught up with the “A Better Life” star on the red carpet at the Spirit Awards on Saturday and asked him to share more about the role he plays in the movie.

“I play a whole different character from Fidel Castro [in 'Che'] or Carlos Galindo in ‘A Better Life,’” he said with a laugh. “I play Salma Hayek‘s lawyer and it’s a wonderful film. It’s an amazing raw story and Oliver Stone is one of those directors that mark your life.”

It’s a big year for Kitsch, who also stars in the upcoming films “John Carter” and “Battleship.” Shouldering three major movie releases in one year is no easy burden for any actor, especially for one as relatively untried as Kitsch. But Bichir had no doubts that Kitsch would be able to pull off all of his roles.

“Taylor? That guy’s amazing. And Aaron Johnson and Blake Lively,” Bichir said. “They’re not only great actors, they’re beautiful people, and it was an honor to be close to them and work on those scenes with them.”

“Savages” is due in theaters on July 6. It also stars John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Benicio del Toro and Emile Hirsch.


Nice words from Demián. I'm sorry to say I didn't really know who he was until he was nominated for A Better Life (and I had seen Che! :p), but I'm glad I finally discovered him again -- such a great actor and classy person.

I love that they're spending more time together before Ryan starts his new movie and Blake's Savages promos. I hope they get to go on a vacation overseas though when GG wraps for the season.

Cannes would be nice... :whistle:

Eating again :laugh:

Raymond Mendoza ‏ @raymondoza

Wtf lol ryan reynolds and blake lively are at the cheesecake factory

8m ago

I don't know what they do more, eat or make out. :laugh: Maybe that's how they stay so slim. :brows:

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