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  1. Blake Lively

    Yes , I agree with you ,Wendy. It's not everyday that we have their sightings . Sometimes they were MIA, we don't know what they were doing ,maybe some auditions . They are adults .They are both mature. Welcome EternalMagic
  2. Blake Lively

    Just saw this on fb . They were at LGA this morning . Amie, I send you a PM , please check check .
  3. Blake Lively

    Seems like Jersey Boys.
  4. Blake Lively

    Some sightings . They always have a lot of things to do at weekends.
  5. Blake Lively

    Someone on twitter saw Ryan at LAX,but I don't know if it's true.
  6. Blake Lively

    Welcome Isa ,we have known each other for a long time . Welcome Arya deyepee and thanks Ritzy for the pics . Happy B-day JouJou , you always give us a lot of valuable infos , thank you!
  7. Blake Lively

    JouJou , you are right . It was Griffith park . US weekly P.S. They are back to NYC now. Lots of people saw Ryan in soho, today.
  8. Blake Lively

    Aww..too sweet... And hot"..haha
  9. Blake Lively

    she is in the Park City, now ?
  10. Blake Lively

    And she smiled...oh They really love each other..happy for them.
  11. Blake Lively

    Ryan opened the car door for her .
  12. Blake Lively

    hottest couple
  13. Blake Lively

    Oh..LuLu is me , I saw that pic on instagram , but I am not sure she was at LAX. Blake was at In n out burger which is near LAX.
  14. Blake Lively

    Someone saw her , and there is a pic on Instagram
  15. Blake Lively

    No sightings all day