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Beautiful hair

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Are we talking about Natural hair??

Or just certain pics that babes have wicket hair on lol.

Cuz in alot of pics Celebs/models have extentions. Or # of ppl spend an hour doing it and putting # of hair products..Duh..

But if natural Doutzy has beautiful hair...And Tori Praver too.

And many others ofcourse but i cant think now..

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Palaroids or candits that you can tell they havent spend 2 much time on them before they went out can tell if they really have nice hair.

Gisele does..

But i saw pic of Natasha at the Vs show backstage..Thats extentions and ppl spend hours of doing it and touch ups. Cuz i know Natasha hair's suck lol she said it herself it'slike falling out from lall the ahir products they use on fashion shows or whatever.

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