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Beautiful hair

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this thread would be incomplete without the goddess of hair, ruslana..and a few others where their hair helped define their beauty... but hair is merely an enhancer to their gorgeous face...try making them bald and they'd still look good...maybe not as but still they'd be very pretty bald girls!! :p ok i'm just kidding...hair really helps make some1 look good!! i dont think i can look at aishwarya rai, megan and angelina without hair..the thought of it actually scares me :p :p








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i am trying to think!!! adriana was in this runway show...urgh im getting so ;LAKSJDF;LAKSJFD@#@#%% okay she had veryyyy long hair..it was like an exotic goddess..it was perfectly wavy and like passed her knees it think

btw very good idea for a thread...i as well love long hair..but sometimes really short is good too!

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