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The Bad Guy!


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Hannibal Lecter - (Silence only)

Kakihara - (Ichi the Killer)

Edward the Longshanks - (Braveheart)

John Doeen)

Archibald Cunningham - (Rob Roy)

Hando - (Romper Stomper)

Darth Vader

Al Swearengen - (Deadwood)

Max Cady - (Cape Fear)

Roy Batty - (Blad Runner)

Alex - (A Clockwork Orange)

Amon Goeth - (Schindler's List)

Nazis - (Saving Private Ryan)

Iago - (Othello)

Pennywise the Clown - (It)

Somalis - (Black Hawk Down)

George Bush - (Fahrenheit 911)

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