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So very, very hot! :drool:

I love how she's always tanned. :wub: It looks so healthy.

A little commentary: Don't shoot the messenger please Thanks to SP

She's got a nice body and all, but Gisele Bundchen is starting to look a little too much like a man than I'm comfortable with. Unlike the chick standing behind her, who I'm pretty sure was designed by God to be the ultimate sex object. They look like twin sisters, only one of them got all the good DNA and the other got all the leftovers. It's just like that movie, except Danny DeVito's character is being played by a woman in red and Arnold Schwarzenegger's character is being played by a transvestite.

EDIT: Turns out that's Leonardo DiCaprio's mom in the red. What a strange and bizarre world we live in.

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^^ :laugh: :laugh:

I believe that Gisele is very very skinny in those photos, she would be very much better if she gained 2 kgs! but saying that a female model starts to look like a man, that's ridiculous. I've read the same thing about Alessandra or Adriana and it's just so not true! simply, take a look at these gorgeous ladies in a fancy night dress and I'm sure that you will change your mind ;)

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Personally yes, I think her face, along with Alessandra can tend to look a bit Masculine from time to time, and yes I think in those candids it's true (same with Eugenia V), but that doesn't make them any less the beautiful.

But if you look at Gisele's bone structure in the face.. it's very "manly". Woman normally have a softer features. Again I stress their's nothing wrong with the look.. Hell I think Alessandra's stunning, but if you look at Gisele's face compaired to Josie (as an example). One is far more feminine looking.

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