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Evandro Soldati


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"I know you can't control yourself anylonger"

Ph: Giampaolo Sgura

post-18473-0-1446133629-50036_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133629-59367_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133629-622_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133629-65383_thumb.jpg

post-18473-0-1446133629-67622_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133629-71824_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133629-73971_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133629-97778_thumb.jpg

post-18473-0-1446133630-33297_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133630-61219_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133630-97194_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133631-2234_thumb.jpg

post-18473-0-1446133631-46492_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133631-79236_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133632-17573_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133632-54695_thumb.jpg

post-18473-0-1446133633-00177_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133633-35728_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133633-59097_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133634-21522_thumb.jpg

post-18473-0-1446133634-37133_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133634-39689_thumb.jpg post-18473-0-1446133634-43239_thumb.jpg

If somebody wants the pictues bigger (photobucket made them smaler :() then feel free to ask, i can send you the pics as an email or at msn/skype etc :)

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LOL I wish someone I knew posted that up. Alas, none of my friends are really into models like me...except my guy friends who drool over Marisa Miller's breasts <_<

LOL :laugh::laugh::laugh:

u are welcome sweeps...and thanks for the scans :drool: I love evandro as a sailor OMG :heart:

thanks vanezinha

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