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  1. are you admin of ales beijos ?

  2. Azealia Banks cover for "dazed & confused" september 2012
  3. thanks, she looks beautiful one of my favs
  4. THANK U he is perfect omg!!! btw liika who is the guy from ur avi? he looks like cory bond he is pretty cute
  5. those will b in "the love" magazine cant wait
  6. ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO AND EVANDRO SOLDATI a dream come true @angelalessandra from her twitter
  7. lirey


    more form DUSK www.alessandrasbeijos.com
  8. omg!!!!!!!! backstage video from D&G CLICK HERE for see it @sweeps
  9. Those guys have some really hard bodies... :shock: LOL so TRUE thanks for the video!! omg loveeeeeee the backstage
  10. ohhh with coco!! so cute thanks
  11. thank u i was gonna post them!! lol
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