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  1. Azealia Banks cover for "dazed & confused" september 2012
  2. thanks, she looks beautiful one of my favs
  3. THANK U he is perfect omg!!! btw liika who is the guy from ur avi? he looks like cory bond he is pretty cute
  4. those will b in "the love" magazine cant wait
  5. ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO AND EVANDRO SOLDATI a dream come true @angelalessandra from her twitter
  6. lirey


    more form DUSK www.alessandrasbeijos.com
  7. omg!!!!!!!! backstage video from D&G CLICK HERE for see it @sweeps
  8. Those guys have some really hard bodies... :shock: LOL so TRUE thanks for the video!! omg loveeeeeee the backstage
  9. ohhh with coco!! so cute thanks
  10. thank u i was gonna post them!! lol
  11. thank u!!!! lol the last one is funny and gorgeous lol!!! btw 2011???
  12. omg Ambrosio is also there LOL! the sexiest brazilians!!! love it thanks thank u all for the pictures
  13. thank u im gonna start follow him
  14. but such a lucky girl !!!! thanks he is so handsome btw that picture is from twitteR? he has?
  15. lol i already find the HQs from D&G i have a question...noah has an official account on twitter? a lot of models have...maybe he does
  16. someone have it in HQ? 1st photo from D&G fall 2005 2nd photo from D&G spring 2006 and 3rd is from Vman magazine 2007
  17. thanks i didnt have all the pics
  18. omg!!!!!!!!! cant wait thank u
  19. i know is repost but is another view...for wallpaper
  20. another 2 for pepe jeans @jon-k.net
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