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Rainey Forkner


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Great feature on Rainey from Vanessa Jackman's beautiful blog..

Rainey (how beautiful is her name?) came over to the apartment I was staying in during fashion week so we could take some photographs. Apart from being seriously beautiful (how gorgeous are her green eyes?), she is so much fun, crazy cool and natural in front of the camera (despite being only new to modelling). Like a true Californian girl (she lives between her home in California and NYC), 19 year old Rainey loves skateboarding, bike riding and....wait for it....dirt bike riding! Helllllooooo got to love a girl who adores clothes, shoes AND getting a little messy dirt bike riding! In fact most of the shoot when I wasn't behind the camera, I was flapping about imploring Rainey not to fall off the (random) bike/stoop/stairs in her heels (think it is the lawyer in me ;)

post-43321-0-1446017219-8764_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-25875_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-30386_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-33307_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-3965_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-40803_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-43879_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-45682_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-48267_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-49445_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-58448_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-69347_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446017220-91548_thumb.jpg

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Rainey has a brilliantly bubbly personality that totally takes on a new dimension when she works. She knows how to balance a seriouness about her work with a fun loving Off Duty smile.

post-42054-0-1446017228-3811_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446017228-39239_thumb.jpg th_7155a6193688629.jpg/monthly_06_2012/post-42054-0-1446017228-41788_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2689552" alt="post-42054-0-1446017228-41788_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="66.64"> post-42054-0-1446017228-45659_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446017228-49338_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446017228-52694_thumb.jpg


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