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Izabel Goulart

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oh wow. Thanks Fashiongirl this is a big help thanks. :wave:

But I think they only show one of her walks :(

Yes, they do!

It´s sad because I really wanna see her first walk too! They showed only Ale´s one walk (second outfit) but not her opening :( the same with Iza :(

No one has the full show :(

But this version is the best and better than nothing :blush:

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I forgot if TG's had the opening walk. When I'm on vacation I should splice the videos together. I'm gonna toy around this summer with my iMovie program and make some vids and finally use my youtube account for something. haha

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I don't / have no idea what Twitter is. You're speaking to one of the few guys who doesn't even have a myspace or facebook, etc. But Iza could influence me :hehe: . I think Iza should just have a website that is like a mix between vsholic, AAOF, and Adrianaflima.

-A shoutbox where members can quickly talk about stuff in general (Iza can post there as well). It'll be more conversational.

-A forum where Iza's a main part and she can keep us up to date and post talk and stuff lik Ale on AAOF

-there should be a whole multimedia page where all her vids, shows, campaigns, etc are all categorized. And when someone posts some good stuff in the forum, they can be added to that page.

^ That's at least what I think.

I don't want it to be like Heidi's where you can post in a tiny thingy and there's a chance she could respond, but she only responds to whats on the immediate page (and the page holds only 3 posts at a time) :(

I think all models should have a site somewhat like I mentioned above. ;)

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I´m wondering since years why Iza doesn´t have an official fansite!!! Can´t understand it... she´s famous and has sooooo many fans! I really miss a fansite of her!!!! Don´t we can write to her Managment and ask for it or something like that?

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Thanks soo much roxana. :wave:

BTW, thanks to Lirey of AAOF. There was a contest of sexiest models and the Brazilians dominated the list. Here's the list and report. Our girl got #23. I'm happy :fun:

'Made in Brazil': Alessandra Ambr
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