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Izabel Goulart

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Matute, you certainly did make my xmas day. Thanks so much.

BTW, if anyone wants to make my new years and my upcoming birthday... you could tell me if and how to get this catalogue. As well as any other new Izabel related thigs. :whistle:

Merry Christmas to you too Julia.

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Hi Jo,

I could not wait for more pics of Izabela and Emanuela from next.co.uk, so I h...ed the f...... website ! It was not so easy because her

system kicked me out from time to time. :p

But I entered approximately 90 brandnew pics of Isa and some more of Emanuela. They are the main-models in the latest issue.

Quality ans sizes are different from 500 up to 1800 pixels, but who cares !

Keep on lookíng this and Emanuela´s thread bacause i´ll post all pics this evening, step by step. :ddr:

Swim-pics at first:





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thanks matute. Looking forward to them.

BTW, is there an actual catalogue for these. My new Years / Birthday offer still stands :p

Yes. there is a new issue for spring where the pics are from I´m posting right now!

It´s starts tomorrow or next week, I think. Over the holidays the website does not

work normal because they make a sale out for winter-issue. Take a look on her

website tomorrow or on next monday, maybe the website works like normally.

You will find any information how to get a catalogue but I have no idea whether

they makes delivery outsite of United Kingdom.

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