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Julie Wolfe

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Trying to generate some interest, pictures of this model were everywhere in the 1980's, I have more in worse condition. Someone else must have something.

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I've been searching all over for more shots of her in lingerie and swimsuits, but can't seem to find any.

Swimsuits: Julie is in all the Elite Model Agency calendars from 1988-1990 (Cindy Crawford cover, Stephanie Seymour cover, Estelle Hallyday cover, respectively). All turn up on eBay. I believe there is a 1989 and a 1990 on right now. Julie is also the cover for the very rare Jacques Malignon Made In New York 1984 calendar (also with Kelly Emberg, Joan Severance, Carrie Nygren, a quite young Kathy Ireland, Iman, and so on).

Other: I think this book is well known, but if you don't know it: Julie is on the cover of Larry Goldman's fantastic book, Becoming a Professional Model, 1986. She's also shown also inside. Try here for cite and more info. There are some specialty dealers who try to sell the book for $$$, but don't bite. It's sometimes a 1-cent'er (1¢) at Amazon.

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