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Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon: Solo Shopping in LA

Out by her lonesome, Reese Witherspoon was spotted getting domestic and shopping for household items in Los Angeles last night (January 29).

The “Sweet Home Alabama” hottie looked a bit annoyed by the paparazzi attention she was receiving, and did her best to cover her face as she meandered down the street.

Later this year, Reese will be heard but not seen in the animated flick “Monsters vs Aliens,” and she recently told press that voicing a character is much different than her usual acting gigs.

She revealed, “It’s sort of an interesting process. I had seen some of the DreamWorks animation movies over and over again at my house with my children. I went in and had a meeting with (studio head) Jeffrey Katzenberg and he walked me though the process of what they do and I ended up seeing the (story)boards for this movie and I got very excited.”

“It all revolved around this great image of my character sitting on the roof of a gas station which was really cool. So, we signed on and, I guess, about a year later, I started doing recordings which I like to call ‘actor in a box’ (laughs) but it was great. I’d never really done voice-over work before. It really is a very director-focused medium because they always have to inform the actors where they’re at (in the story). Otherwise, I’d be incredibly lost. The narrative is always changing. I think, in the beginning, I was the fifth lead and then it evolved and evolved and they were like ‘oh, no. You’re the lead’ (she laughs). I’m like ‘oh, okay.’”

source: celebrity-gossip.net


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