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Charlene Choi and Gillian Chong

Guest Amani

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thought I would start this up again! In case you forgot its the hong kong group composing of Gillian and Charlene, two of the cutest girls ever!

Biography (submitted by PinkCouture)

Twins was a Hong Kong-based female Cantopop duo created in the summer of 2001 by Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG). Twins was made up of two girls, Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin and Gillian Chung Yan-Tung. They were a popular group in Hong Kong and a top band in China. Their fanbase included: Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and United States. Their music had always targeted young teens, but in 2004 they begin to attract a wider audience venturing into different style of music.

Charlene Choi was born in Vancouver, Canada on November 22, 1982. Gillian Chung was born in Hong Kong on January 21, 1981. Before signing with Emperor Entertainment Group, Chung studied at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Chung had also worked as a part-time model during one of her summer vacations in Hong Kong.

Similar to Chung, Choi was also a part-time model who had appeared in several advertisements. She became famous after her participation in the television program Y2K, organized by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).

Both Choi and Chung caught the attention of EEG manager Mani Fok (霍汶希). In one of the episode of Be My Guest, Mani was interviewed exclusively about the discovery of the girls. She talked about how it was fate that helped her select the two singers out of a catalogue of thousands of potential young candidates. They subsequently auditioned for and later formed the duo known as "Twins".


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thnkies, Carssie :wub:

Twins news:

An earthquake near Indonesia created enormous tsunami waves to crash into several Southeastern Asian countries, causing massive destruction and claiming thousands of victims. Death toll are still on the rise. Some of these countries are few of the world's poorest. International aid and help from many countries has been pledged.

HK artistes are aware of this disaster and are trying to help. EEG artistes are the very first to offer financial aid by staging a charity concert. Jackie Chan has already donated HK$500,000. EEG has decided to have their Send Love To South Asia concert on January 2nd at the HK Convention Centre in Kowloon. Singers like Nic Tse, Joey, Twins, Yumiko Cheng, Boy'z, Isabella Leung and so on will be performing. The concert production fee will be handled by EEG themselves and is not taken from the charity fund. However, only 2000 HK$100 tickets will be sold on that while EEG target of HK$1 million will have to come from donors. Among EEG singers, Joey has donated a 6-digit sum of money to provide relief to the victims.



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She's a singer :mellow: :unsure: ? Thread Moved

I'm also going to change the title from "Twins" seems kinda vague :laugh: .

Anyway, I was about to start a thread for Charlene :wub: . But thanks for the pics everyone and interresting to know she has a "twin" :) .

Yes, she sang :p The Twins are known more for their music (if you can ever call it that :cain: ) than their "acting." I am moving the thread (Y)

I added a bio, updated the names' misspelling, and took care of most of the hotlinks :cain:

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