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Fionn Macdiarmid

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Fionn Macdiarmid, 20, from London

Ever had a love obsession?

"Yeah. There was a girl on the school bus who used to give me love letters. I was pretty shy and never returned them so after a while she started to walk to school instead. Totally missed my chance there."

If we pinned you down and forced you to have a tattoo...

"I'd go for an ironic one. Something like 'mum' written on my back."

Ever saved an animal's life?

"No, but I killed a deer that'd been hit by a car, to put it out of its misery."

Identical twin girls: one's got brains, one's got cash. Who do you date?

"The one with brains."

Is it hard being so good looking?

"Rarely. But sometimes I can feel really ugly. I think its a shame society puts such an emphasis on beauty."


Wow :p He sounds kewl! I love the last answer xD Gorgeous.

Absolute Mag

Havana by JF Carly;

zzfionci1.th.jpg zzfionn1qc2.th.jpg zzfionn2lr9.th.jpg

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Height: 188cm/6'2"

Chest: 101cm/40"

Waist: 80cm/31.5"

Shoe: 45 EU/11 US/10.5 UK

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue/Grey


Models 1- London

Ford- New York

d'Men- Milan

Bananas mambo- Paris

Bleu L.A.

Mega Model Agency-Hamburg/Berlin

2PM- Copenhagen

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