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Tori Praver


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Well, this looks like it was probably posted before, but Tori Nation knows I love Tori "refreshes" of any kind, especially Close Encounters of the Tori Kind! :p

Thanks to all the Tori Nation posters who moved these pages to 135! What a way to transition from summer! Go, Team Tori! :grouphug:

And to celebrate the announcement that the future model-swimsuit-designer-possibly-to-turn-baker has a little bun baking in her oven. . .! :fun: :fun:

It looks like the cute couple found a cute adobe in which to prepare for a babe wrapped in swaddling Chanel and bikini material on the way. :laugh:

Thanks to their collective Aloha spirit, I am sure they will not behave like the hyper-competitive sports parents in this city and its' burbs and in this nation :ninja: , and IF their child chooses athletics, he or she will be a modest, attractive superstah--given the gene pool! :thumbsup:

Every pic in which I have seen Tori with kids or holding a kid tells me she will be an amazing Mama Bear, caring, nurturing, . . . protecting! :wub: Beware the Tori Bear when near her cubbies! :lullaby:

I'm sure she "chose" Danny for that similar trait of being good with kids! :wub:

Congrats to the down-to-earth Model Couple on the impending arrival of completely healthy baby! :fun:

I always forget that a healthy baby may be statistically slimmer than we might think, and parents are very lucky if they are completely healthy. It goes without saying, though, that, hopefully, parents will love their babies completely and unconditionally if he or she is less than super healthy. :cain:

Well, around here in college-central Boston, the wheels have gone from small (Razrs and Rollerblades) to bigger (cars and bikes) already; as I have said plenty, that means school is starting and trains, buses, and parking spots are filling up fast! :blink:

More reasons to look in each direction before crossing the street! :chicken:

Have a good last-gasp-of-August weekend and hope it goes reeeel slooow! :gocho:

I hope Tori Nation and Tori and Danny enjoy the last few days of being "allowed" to wear white bucks, seersucker, Madras and other preppy summah staples until Labor Day but no later ;). :p

Of course, I say wear what you want when you want as long as it is weather appropriate. :wave:

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The campaign features a group of girlfriends, portrayed by models Aline Weber, Ali Stephens, Lais Ribeiro, Tori Praver and Jeisa Chiminazzo, which was styled by W Magazine's Fashion and Style Director Edward Enninful. Captured by famed photographer Craig McDean.

Nine West will debut the campaign on Ninewest.com at the end of August. Beginning in September, it will roll out in The New York Times and national print publications for the October issues of Vogue, Elle and InStyle as well as online at Refinery29.com. Additionally, the campaign will be supported through the brand's social media network (Facebook and Twitter) along with an in-store (video screens at Nine West Flagship Store & in-store signage) and out-of-home (Soho billboard, Taxi TV & Taxi Tops) program

Fall 2012 campaign for Nine West. Tori is looking gooooooooooooood!

:woot: :woot:


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A 1920s ad once said, "An Ancient Chinese Proverb: A picture is worth ten thousand words." :yes:

Thanks to SnL and Babylola for posting a Tori pic and video that more than compensates for all my words above . . . maybe! :p

Tori continues to wow/stun and by being part of this campaign, Tori follows a long line of famous folks who worked for Nine West, including Famke Janssen. :)

Tori deserves the adoration of Tori Nation and of others because she continues to do so well as a model and designer, both especially challenging and competitive (ok, cutthroat!) occupations and still manages to be the sweetest of the sweet! :wub:

What a way to start the weekend in Tori Nation! Thanks Tori Nation! :thumbsup::heart::kiss::fun::wave:

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