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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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Hmmm not that it means much but so far critic reviews for 'DKR' on rotten tomatoes - 84% , dark knight was at 94% by the end, and batman begins 85% :laugh: critic reviews, and reviews in general make me laugh. All batman comics fans know, that batman begins was one epic movie. Even better than the dark knight, as far as my opinion goes.

I can hardly wait for the dark knight rises. The day can't come soon enough.

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^I think people are just generally skeptical of reboots. If I'm remembering it right 'Begins' was relatively successful in theaters, but It was only when the DVD release came out that people really started to buy into Nolan's take on the story and get genuinely excited for the sequel. Had the first Nolan movie not indirectly followed in the footsteps of the Tim Burton films as well as two iffy (to put it politely) Joel Schumacher efforts, I honestly think it would have torn up the box office as much as 'The Dark Knight' did.

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I never paid any attention to Batman Begins until my best friend brought the disk over and told me that 'I got to see this..'. The poor reputation of the earlier films and my general ambivalence towards superheroes turned my attention away.

I think that critics consensus indicators have some value- a 70-100% score is in the 'safe territory' for me. I've liked films (for instance prometheus, which is at 73%) that didn't score high. Likewise, I've disliked many films with +85% (like every 'Bourne'/ lord of the rings/etc film) Also, there will be 'devil's advocate' or niche type reviews that are directed towards a particular audience and will thereby drop the average.

Right now TDKR is at 85 %- 35 positive 6 negative

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Batman begins doesn't get the credit it deserves. I agree it wasn't as popular while in theatres, but more so after the fact. But I still feel that it's overlooked incredibly. The dark knight was of course an amazing film too, but there were several factors as to why that's the film the Nolan-batman bandwagoner's decided to jump on.

and I agree cult icon, I usually refer to Rotten tomatoes to see what the general consensus of a film is, there are times when they're misleading--like all review sites. I think TDKR will only shoot up in ratings.

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The consensus ratings are a popularity test. It's a vote rather than a grade. :)

My ratings

TDK- 4.5/5

Batman Begins- 4.5/5

The Prestige- 4/5

Inception- 3.5/5

Overall, Nolan's Batman is the only action/summer blockbuster that has worked for me. All the other action franchises- Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman, Bourne, Lord of the Rings, X-men, etc. never really stimulated my interest. :-p

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So the red carpet event is decidedly run-of-the-mill so far, but I have managed to learn two minor secrets that I wasn't aware of beforehand.

- Cillian Murphy will reprise his role as the Scarecrow.

- The truth about Harvey Dent's death in TDK may or may not be revealed.

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Batman Begins

85%- 7.7/10

261 critics

The Dark Knight

94%- 8.4/10

282 critics

The Dark Knight Rises

87%- 8.2/10

151 critics (so far)

Interesting Gif I found: But I'm not sure if it's entirely made from officially released components.

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Leslie, It's very nice to hear that you had a blast. :) I enjoyed the film myself. I believe that it was an extraordinary film in certain ways, and less so in others. It certainly breaks new ground, especially in the techniques of the film arts. The 'disaster' element was very inspired.

TDKR felt like a movie with 6 hours worth of ideas, but squeezed into 3 hours. So many ministories, and I believe that TDKR was ambitious to an extent that I've never seen before. It was definitely non-conventional in format, and experimental on the part of the director.

The tone was just..considerably different from 1 and 2. I do wonder a bit about how my views will change if I see this film a second time. As of now, I think it tried to do too much in a limited time frame (yes, 2:45 is too little for a movie this big), and the storylines- which were legion and involving nearly a dozen characters, were not individually fleshed out. I believe that quality was sacrificed for quantity.

The Dark Knight Rises

87%- 8.0/10

207 critics (so far)

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In hindsight, I have the impression that Nolan & co. were certainly influenced a bit by modern sieges such as Warsaw 1944. There are events depicted in the film that resembled what happened there. Bane & the league of shadows have a superficial parallel in the Dirlewanger Brigade, an extremist lunatic fringe of the SS...Both were composed of mercenaries, criminals, mental patients, poors, and other such characters.

Bane himself resembles Dirlewanger in several ways.



If you've seen the film, you'll know where the three slides and the bolded fit in....!

"During the 63-day battle for Warsaw, the A K suffered about 15,000 dead

or about one-third of its initial force. Civilian casualties are estimated at

200,000 dead, most of whom were murdered by SS troops in the early days of

the uprising or killed in the bombardments. About 25 per cent of Warsaw's

buildings were destroyed in the fighting. German losses were about 16,000 killed

and 9,000 wounded, which works out at a casualty rate of about 50 per cent."

"Once the captured A K soldiers and the civilian population were removed

from the city environs, the SS set about the systematic destruction of Warsaw.

Hitler's intent was that the city would simply disappear from the face of

Europe - the only time in World War II that the Germans actually tried this

on a major city. Special German sapper units were sent in to demolish the

city with explosives and flame-throwers. By J a n u a r y 1945, the Germans had

managed to destroy 85 per cent of Warsaw's buildings and structures."




Note how the soldier is standing on top of the armored vehicle just like Bane.

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