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Turkish popstar Tarkan (born Tarkan Tevetoğlu on October 17, 1972 in Alzey, Germany) is one of the most successful pop music singers in Turkey. His albums regularly sell millions of copies.

He is also known in Europe and the Americas, especially for the song Şımarık (Spoilt/Kiss Kiss/Chanson Du Bisou/Besos). This was reincarnated as Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance after Sezen Aksu sold the music rights. This song is also rumoured to have ended the successful working relationship between Tarkan and Aksu as they fell into dispute about the ownership of the copyright to Şımarık. They had collaborated on most of Tarkan's hits in Turkey and Europe. Another hit single was Şıkıdım (Shake).

Tarkan is also character of a popular Turkish comic series in 1960s. This is where Tarkan's parents adopted his name from.

Early Life

Tarkan spent his childhood in Germany, his father was part of the generation of Turkish immigrants which came to West Germany during the West German economic boom, until suddenly he decided to move his family back to Turkey in 1986 when Tarkan was 14 years old.


Tarkan began to study music in Karam

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Tarkan is awesome. I'm a great fan. :)

although I didn't realize before that he was cute :blink: where have I been? :heart:

Neo - I wasn't sure what you meant...did you want a link to a store that would carry it? I can't seem to find anywhere in the United States, if so.. sorry :( and I guess this is no help if you do not want to do the online shopping, but just in case -

Amazon has it...

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Ok so his English album is coming out in April 7, 2006 according to wikipedia and April 13, 2006 according to amazon.com . I really enjoyed the Bounce Single but I'm very happy that a full English album is coming out. I updated his biography with the cover of his new cd and the track listings....here is the cover just in case


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