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Cris Urena


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The back story. Photo Assistant Mark McClanahan won the 'what time do we get a girl' competition today. We started hair and make up 8am. About 10 of us took bets on what time we would get our first shot. I went with 10.25am optimistically. Mark nailed it with a 10.46am and was photographed with the most beautiful Chris Urena, fisrt shot of the day, as she put foot on set.


Cris Urena is one of the rising talents for Victorias Secret. Expect to see her gazing back at you from windows, magazines and the web very often in the coming months.

russell james facebook

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Photography by David Joseph Perez

Styling by Javier Lewis

Hair by Kimi

Makeup by Joanna Lily

Model(s) Cris @ New York Model Management

post-42054-0-1446195428-52839_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195428-53753_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195428-54473_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195428-55652_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195428-57804_thumb.jpg

“This shoot was about paying homage to the people of the sun in the southwest of the United States, the Native

American and Cowboy. It was inspired by the mysterious quality of high noon, and the presence of the model, an

amazing new face, Cris @ New York Models.” – David Joseph Perez


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Photography by Yoo Sun

Art Direction & Casting by Audie Umali

Styling by Priscilla Polley @ The Magnet Agency

Hair by Lydia O’Carroll @ Kate Ryan

Makeup by Junko Kioka @ Joe Management

Model(s) Austria Alcantara @ IMG, Dez Braxton @ Soul Artist Management, Katia Inamo, Sana Belal & Kadeem Fisher @ DNA Models, Eduardo Calero, Eric Ramos, Keith Hernandez & Manuel Ramos @ Request Model Management NY, Isabella Melo @ Supreme Management, Cris Urena & Gabriel Perez @ New York Model Management, Danica Magpantay & Tayane Leao @ Ford Models

Shot at Root Brooklyn, Factory Studios, and on location in Brooklyn

post-42054-0-1446195452-76102_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195452-77412_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195452-78882_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195452-80077_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195452-81478_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195452-82873_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446195452-83649_thumb.jpg


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