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Naomi vs. Tyra


Naomi vs. Tyra  

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  1. 1. Who is more attractive to you?

    • Naomi Campbell
    • Tyra Banks

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i vote for tyra because she has always been my absolute favourite... not as a model so much, but just as the hottest woman on earth (when she's lookin' her best).

however, as far as pure modelling is concerned -- Naomi ALL the way. she's a legend.




Diana Ross:Aretha Franklin

the tyras mariahs and dianas are extreeeemely successful, but they just aren't as significant. they are pop stars of the highest degree and have tremendous commercial success, but they haven't broken barriers and won't be legendary like the naomis, whitneys, and arethas.

that being said, Tyra can be the most gorgeous woman ever to grace the earth, and though Naomi is ridiculously sexy, she doesn't get my vote.

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actually, Queens, 2006 marks Naomi's 20th YEAR in the business. . . she's literally been on runways and in magazines for TWO DECADES.

and is STILL a top model. it truly is incredible. that's why i said, as far as modelling goes, Naomi all the way.... but just in terms of who's more appealing, it's gotta be Tyra.

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