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Some people prefer Intel, others swear by AMD.....which is the best?  

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  1. 1. Some people prefer Intel, others swear by AMD.....which is the best?

    • Intel
    • AMD

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THats oodles of money right there


2.8 Ghz P4 o/c'd @ 3.5Ghz - 37.1° - thermaltake spark 7+

radeon 128 mb 9600XT

1 gig of OCZ ddr

250gb western digital hd - 7200rpm 8mb cache

abit is7 - mobo

audigy 2 zs

logitech 530 speakers

enermax 420 watt tru-power - dual - manual fan control

logitech mx510 mouse @ 5.8 mega pix/second

thermaltake skull vm3000a - red cathodes (for evil-ness) + 4 manual case fans

viewsonic P95f+b perfectflat 21" crt monitor

All I need now? t1 <_< and a nicer chair for my butt

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wow if only i could understand half of what was said well heres what i have

2.8 P4 w/ht 833 FSB

512 mb dual channel ddr2 ram

128mb nVidia geforce mx680 with tv out

100gb ultra ata hdd @7200 rpm

ada745 4.1 harman/kardon speakers

Dell Ultrasharp 19" 1905FP Digital Flat Panel

Creative 5.1 Digital Sound Blaster Live

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oh yeah i voted for intel.

2.66 gig processor pentium 4

17 inch laptop (1440 by 900 res)

60 gig hdd

64 mb nvidia geforce go440 graphics card

512 memory

harman kardon speakers

im planning to by an external hdd

logitech mx510 mouse

did i mention that my computer is a laptop.

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AMD all the way for me as well. They offer the same performance, speed and durability as Intel, sometimes even better, for a lot less. They are the two major CPU manufacturers in the business, so either one is great. But my choice is AMD.

My specs:

3.2 GHz processor. (AMD Athlon XP)

Asus A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard

1GB DDR Ram (400MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) )

ATI Radeon 9000 128MB video card

2x 120GB hardrives

Logitech MX500 mouse

Logitech Elite keyboard

Logitech 2.1 Speakers

Pioneer amplifier

18" Subwoofer

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