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Anja Leuenberger

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erins2abbey    0

I like her, she kind looks like Barbara Palvin imo lol

First Name: Anja

Last Name: Leuenberger

Nationality: Swedish

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 19

Place of Birth: Switzerland

Mother agency: Fotogen


Boom Models Agency

Boom Models Milan

Good fiends Model Korea

MGM Modells

Firts London

In a music video

I made caps.



bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangoven.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg

bigbangbeautifulhangoves.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg

bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangoveq.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangovee.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg

bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg bigbangbeautifulhangove.th.jpg






with Mike Posner


She is sweet 18 years young and the discovery of Charles Voegele Fashion Days. Anja Leuenberger has everything you need for a top model.

At 14 years, Anja Leuenberger sniffed first fashion business-to-air and was taken by the Swiss Model Agency Photogenic under contract. "I then had no great expectations from the model business. But it's great, what has been already revealed everything, "according to Leuenberger to 20 minutes online.

Fashion photo spreads days Days

Especially, the response to their presence at the Charles Voegele Fashion Days can radiate the pretty brunette. Leuenberger, "It is so great that I've noticed the people and I am huge."

With this positive feedback from the 179 centimeter Aargau Erin is now ready to try their luck in Milan. "I'm going on 15 November to Milan and then of course I hope that I liked the people at the auditions, "according to the CA student.

Her greatest dream is to model, run one day for the lingerie label Victoria's Secret on the catwalk. The fact that she interrupted her career for the Catwalk KV-teaching is not a problem for the single. Leuenberger: "I am now even know how it works with the molds so and otherwise I can always go back to school." Her parents are behind her. "They are very proud of me and support me, wherever they can," says the Fislisbacherin.


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erins2abbey    0

Zurich Film Festival - Award Night Party


Jelmoli Eröffnung - Modeschau


PKZ Feldpausch Trendshow Fall 2011


PKZ Feldpausch Trendshow Spring 2012


Triumph Inspiration Award 2011 - Backstage



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